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The feast of Christmas SVG, celebrated on December 24-25, is sometimes called Catholic Christmas. In fact, not only Catholics celebrate Christmas, but also most Protestants and many Orthodox churches. For more information about why calendars of different denominations “separated”, read the article of the Federal News Agency.

Christmas SVG – traditions of the holiday

Catholics start preparing for Christmas in a month’s advance. The pre-Christmas period is called Advent and includes prayers, fasting (not as strict as the Orthodox Christmas period), as well as various charity activities.

Advent is dedicated to waiting for the miracle of Christmas, so at this time in Europe are held various Christmas events – fairs, performances, etc. The most grandiose Christmas fairs are held in Germany.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is the eve of the holiday, which is celebrated on December 24.

On this day it is customary to hold a strict fast for believers. It is desirable to eat nothing all day long, and when the first star lights up in the sky, to “talk” with a piece of paper – honey-cooked grains of various grains of cereals. At this time, festive services are held in Catholic and Protestant churches, and then people go home and sit down at the festive table, which is traditionally attended by meat delicacies.

Christmas traditions


Since the Middle Ages, there has been a custom in Western Europe to organize Christmas creches-to make a toy crèche with dolls in the form of the Virgin Mary, baby Jesus, St. Joseph, shepherds, sorcerers, etc.


At Christmas, Europeans, especially children, like to carol – dress up in carnival costumes and masks and walk the streets and houses, singing Christmas carols. Singers are usually given sweets or money.

A Christmas SVG tree

The main Christmas custom, which in the times of Peter the Great came to Russia in the turn of visiting Germans – to put in houses and squares dress up spruce, which symbolizes a paradise tree.

Santa Claus

Santa Claus (also known as Saint Nicholas) is a Christmas grandfather who brings presents to his children for Christmas. In Western tradition, it is believed that, like St. Nicholas, Santa enters the house at night through the chimney, leaving gifts under the tree or in a special sock hanging by the fireplace.