Free Chinchilla SVG Files

Chinchilla SVG belongs to a group of rodents, a subgroup of wild-brazzo-shaped, superfamily chinchillae, family chinchillae, genus chinchillae.

Description of Chinchilla SVG.

The head of the chinchillas is round and the neck is short. The body is covered with thick soft wool, and hard hairs grow on the tail. Body length is 22-38 cm, and the tail grows to a length of 10-17 cm. Weight of chinchilla reaches 700-800 grams, while the females are larger and heavier than males.

At night, chinchillae easily orientate themselves thanks to the huge eyes that have vertical pupils. Moustache mammals grow up to 10 centimeters in length. Ears of chinchillas are rounded and have a length of 5-6 cm. In the ear sinks there is a special membrane with which the chinchilla covers the ears when it takes a sand bath.

The Chinchilla SVG skeleton can shrink vertically, so animals can climb into the smallest of gaps. The back legs of the chinchillae are four-finger and the front legs have 5 fingers. The hind limbs are very strong and twice as long as the front, allowing mammals to jump high.

The chinchilla’s life expectancy reaches 20 years.

Colours of Chinchillas SVG

Chinchillae have an ashtray-grey color and a white abdomen – this is the standard color of the animal. In the XX century, more than 40 different types of chinchillas were developed, the hair color of which has more than 250 shades. Thus, chinchillas come in white, beige, white and pink, brown, black, purple and sapphire colours.