Free Chihuahua SVG Files

Chihuahua SVG are extremely small decorative dogs. Infinitely loyal to the owner and extremely selfish. They are among the top 10 most popular breeds in the world.

Chihuahua SVG Highlights

In a relationship with larger dogs, they behave on an equal footing. It is common to have a 50 kg shepherd for a chihuahuahua.

Are able to get along with other pets, if they agree to recognize their authority.

Ideal companions, ready to accompany the owner wherever possible.

Playful and active, but often require special attention to their own person.

Experience a strong attachment to the host and watch his every move.

Easily adapt to any situation and can be satisfied with rare and short walks, and if necessary, do without them.

They do not agree to accept the host’s loneliness and long exodus.

Very sensitive and prone to frequent jealousy.

Chihuahuahua completely grow up by the first year of life.

History of the Chihuahua SVG

The name of the breed was given by the Mexican state of Chihuahua. It was from here that the companion dogs began their triumphant march, first across the American continent and then around the world. The ancestors of today’s Chihuahua SVG are considered to be the ancient leaky dogs, which were raised in the IX century by the Toltecs. Small and completely silent animals were raised by indigenous people for practical purposes: they were eaten and sometimes sacrificed to local deities. When the Toltec civilization fell into decay, its lands were taken over by the Aztecs, who continued to breed “tasty dogs” and were engaged in this business until the arrival of the conquistadors of Cortes.

With the fall of the Aztec empire, it was not an easy time for the leaks, as it was for their breeders. The animals were almost completely exterminated by the Spaniards, and only a few survivors took refuge in the woods. Almost a century of leaks were not heard, and only in the middle of the XIX century began to be traced the traces of their descendants. During this period, more and more tourists from America came to Mexico, to whom local traders offered exclusive live goods – tiny dogs that fit in their pockets. The color of the animals could be very diverse, but one thing remained the same – their miniature size.

Initially, dogs were called “Arizona” or “Mexican”. But gradually the name of the northern state of Mexico – Chihuahua was fixed behind the breed. In the U.S. tribal book descendants of Aztec leaks were included in 1904, and three years later mini-dogs crossed the Atlantic and settled with the British breeders. The first standard of breed for Chihuahua was signed in 1923 in America, and at first the association of breeders recognized only short-haired dogs as pedigree. Long-haired individuals were included in the FCI standard only in 1954.