Free Chicago SVG Files

It’s harder to find a more American city than Chicago SVG, lying on the south shore of Lake Michigan. This large metropolis is an eternal rival of New York City and the second most important center of business, financial and cultural life of the country. It is not without reason that it is called the “Broad Shoulder City” – Chicago, indeed, is immense.

The main city highway is Michigan Avenue, which rests on the northern end of the lake. Its segment known as the “Magnificent Mile” is a paradise for shopaholics, a center of prestigious boutiques, haute couture shops and giant shopping centers. Architectural lovers will be interested in the business center, where most of the Chicago skyscrapers are located, and the streets are decorated with works by Marc Chagall, Henry Moore, Jean Dubuffet, Juan Miro and Pablo Picasso. The family’s recreation areas are parks with fountains, pop-up areas and the world’s largest indoor aquarium.

Chicago SVG neighborhoods

There are 77 neighborhoods in Chicago, often completely different from each other. The geography of the metropolis is determined by the river, which divides it into 3 parts – West Side, South Side and North Side. In the center lies the business district of Lupe (translated as “The Loop”) with skyscrapers and numerous attractions. Here are the largest banks, stock exchanges and administrative institutions. From the north it is adjoined by the Neir-North Side with its fashionable “Magnificent Mile” and expensive hotels.

Popular places for rest are the districts of Streterville with the Naval Pier and Nier South Side, where interesting museums and the largest parks of the city are located. The former industrial district of River North has become a trendy place with good restaurants, art salons and popular clubs after renovation. The prestigious Kenwood with its luxurious mansions has been chosen by the wealthiest people in Chicago, and Greenwich Village and Lakeview are bohemian.

What to try with Chicago SVG

Chicago is a real culinary jungle, where you can become both the tip of the food pyramid and the victim of local food predators. Head to the shores of Michigan to prepare for a fascinating hunt for a delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner. First, about the dangers.

First of all, street fast food is not an invention of Chicago, and you can’t buy anything “branded” in the street, but you can poison yourself with no less probability than white-fronted people at Kazansky railway station. In Chicago you should eat in small cafes and restaurants, where the prices are not much higher than those of street vendors hot dogs.

Secondly, if you want to try local cuisine, you should not buy analogues of English fish and chips, standard doughnuts and hamburgers. There are a lot of them in Chicago, but what’s the point of coming here to try out what handymen and blue collars eat for lunch all over America? You can eat dried cod with fries anywhere in the United States.

Third, contrary to what pale skinned street urchins say, no Indian dishes were invented in the Great Lakes region. If you want something authentic, order game dishes from the nearest restaurant. For example, this is the only place where you can taste the meat of a buffalo bison that is bred on local farms, including Indian reservations.

And now, about the delicacies. There are several dishes that are cooked only here. The local Chicago Style pizza doesn’t even look like Italian. It is a pie consisting of 4 layers: a lower thin dough, a thick layer of cheese, stuffing, upper thin dough and a layer of sauce.

Chicago SVG borders on Wisconsin, where ethnic Swiss and Germans produce the best cheeses, milk and meat in the western hemisphere – these products are used in Chicago pizza.

Average pizza is designed for 2-3 people, stands in the center of the city from 8 to 15 USD, it is cooked in almost all institutions with the word “pizzeria” in the name. For those who are strong in spirit and stomach, there is even a special bus tour of the main pizzerias of the center (50 USD): you can try different varieties, different sauces, fillings and cheese.

Branded dishes associated with two of Chicago’s world-famous teams are Red Bull’s basketball and White Sox (football, of course, American). These are the steaks from Michael Jordan’s Steak House, served at Michael Jordan’s Steak House, and the $17 branded Chicago White Sox pizza at Phil’s Pizza in Bridgeport.

You can call it a local dish and “Chicago Hotdogs”, but you only need to buy them in bars and cafes, not in trailers. There are two kinds of dogs: Polish (Maxwell Street Polish), which necessarily contains thicker “Polish” sausage, fried onions, pepper and mustard, and less strict “hot dog Chicago”, where sausage can be thinner and ingredients larger. But the main thing is not to add ketchup and mustard. It is believed that the sugar they contain interrupts the taste of beef sausage.