Free Cheerleading SVG Files

Cheerleading SVG (from cheer – approving, conscript exclamation and lead / control) – a sport that combines elements of the show and spectacular sports (dancing, gymnastics, acrobatics).

Cheerleading SVG was born in the U.S. in the 1870s and became most widespread by the middle of the XX century. Approximate translation of the name: support group.

Cheerleading can be divided into two main directions:

1. Competitions of teams on programs prepared by special rules;

2. work with sports teams, clubs, federations to perform the following tasks:

attraction of spectators (fans) to stadiums and gyms in order to promote physical culture and sports, healthy lifestyle;

Creation of a favorable moral and psychological climate at the stadium, reducing the aggressive mood of fans, creating an environment of “positive fanaticism” and managing the emotions of fans;

support of sports teams participating in the match;

Activation and variety of advertising and image work at sports events.