Free Cedar SVG Files

Cedar SVG tree is an evergreen tree that grows up to fifty meters high and has a folding crown. The bark on the young trees is smooth, and it is scaly, cracked and dark grey in old trees. The needles of the cedar are prickly, needle-shaped, stiff, dark blue-green to silver-grey. In the epidermis there are two resinous passages.

Cedar SVG cones ripen in the second – third year, they crumble in autumn and sometimes in winter. The cones are barrel-shaped, standing and single. The cedar tree blossoms in autumn.

The natural area of cedar trees covers the eastern and southern mountainous areas of the Mediterranean, as well as the western Himalayas. Cedars have also settled on the southern coast of Crimea in areas where the temperature never falls below minus twenty four. Depending on the type of tree, its freezing threshold is slightly different. For example, the Lebanese cedar can provide self-seeding in areas where temperatures do not fall below twenty-seven degrees.

The cedar grows well where the soil is not compacted and at the same time it transmits water well, as the cedars are very sensitive to water stagnation in the soil. On soils that are poor in lime, any kind of cedar grows well.

Cedar SVG wood is described in the Bible. Already at that time, wood was used in the construction of palaces. Cedar has always been a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. Its wood is very strong and valuable. It is used in shipbuilding, furniture making and construction. Cedar oil is used in perfumery.

Silver and blue types of cedar are especially valued. Unlike cedar pine seeds, cedar seeds are inedible. Even rodents do not eat their seeds because of their high resin content.

Planting a Cedar SVG tree as a parkland is very popular. It has a pleasant appearance and grows quickly. Depending on the type of cedar, planting takes place in slightly different ways. For example, the Himalayan cedar requires drained, loamy fresh soils, and the excess moisture is very poorly transported by the tree. The Himalayan cedar is unweighted and of little use, and it has a quiet attitude to lime in the soil.

How to plant cedar? Before planting cedar, you need to fertilize the soil with peat, wood ash, humus, put a few lumps of litter from coniferous forests. Also, this type of trees is very fond of darkened places and high humidity. Cedar should be planted in early spring or late autumn. Seedlings should be planted in groups or linearly at least three meters away. Pits in which trees are planted are prepared in advance. They dig up thirty percent more than the volume of the root itself.

Unlike Himalayan cedar, Alanian cedar cannot stand lime in the soil. Different from Himalayan brethren, Alanian cedars like to grow on lighter areas of the earth. They can also be planted in groups or linearly, but this type of cedar tree is best felt when planted far away from other cedars.