Free Caterpillar SVG Files

Caterpillar SVG is a butterfly, butterfly or moth larvae – insects from a group of scales.

Caterpillar SVG – description, characteristic, structure

The length of the Caterpillar SVG varies from a few millimetres to 12 cm, as in the case of individual specimens of Saturnia butterfly (peacock-eyes).

The body of the caterpillar consists of a well-detectable head, thoracic, abdominal and several pairs of extremities located on the chest and abdomen.


Caterpillar head is represented by six congested segments forming a rigid capsule. Between the forehead and eyes, the cheeks area is conditionally distinguished; at the bottom of the head there is an occipital opening that looks like a heart.

The round shape of the head is typical for most caterpillars, although there are exceptions. For example, many hatchlings have a triangle-shaped head, while other species have a rectangle-shaped head. Dark parts can protrude strongly over the head, forming a kind of “horns”. Small antennae, consisting of 3 consecutive joints, grow on the sides of the head.


Cater Caterpillar SVG pillar eyes are a primitive visual apparatus containing a single lens. Usually several simple eyes are placed one after the other, in an arc, or form 1 complex eye, merged from 5 simple eyes. Plus 1 eye is located inside this arc. Thus, only 5-6 pairs of eyes in caterpillars.


The body of the Caterpillar SVG consists of segments separated by grooves and is dressed in a soft shell, which provides the body with maximum mobility. The anus is surrounded by special blades with different degrees of development.