Free Castle SVG Files

Castle SVG – a large monumental front building, distinguished by its architecture, was originally the residence of the reigning rulers, the highest nobility, and since the XIII century, also called some buildings of public authorities. The qualitative difference between the palace architecture and the Castle SVG architecture is the lack of defensive purposes and fortification elements.

The word “palace” is an abbreviated formation from the word “yard, plot of land”, literally “residential, but a smaller part of the yard”. In Western tradition, the Latin word palatium (palace) is believed to have its origin in the name of Palatine Hill, where the residence of Roman emperors was located.

In the XIX-XX centuries, the palaces began to be called the most important public buildings, such as the Palace of Justice in France and various institutions in Russia: the Palace of Wedding, the Palace of Culture, the Palace of Sports, the Palace of Pioneers (the latter was later renamed the Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren, the Palace of Children and Youth, the Palace of Youth). Some of these institutions began to have more unusual names, such as the Ice Palace (Izhevsk, Udmurtia), the Palace of Labor and Concord (Krasnoyarsk), the Palace of National Cultures (Salavat, Bashkortostan), the Palace of D. E. Kravtsov (Bryansk).