Free Carrots SVG Files

Carrots SVG is a two-year-old (rarely annual or perennial) plant belonging to the kingdom of the plant, flower department, dicotyledon class, umbrella-colored order, umbrella family, genus carrot (Latin Daucus).

The Latin name for Carrots SVG comes from the ancient Greek word “δαῦκος”, which denotes all umbrella plants. In Russian the name has passed from the Old Slavonic “mrky”, put in the genitive case – “mrkve”.

Carrots SVG: description of the plant, characteristics.

In the first season of growth, the plant forms a root crop and a magnificent bundle of pinnate, strongly dissected leaves of green color. Carrot root is dense and fleshy, weighing up to 0.5 kg and more. Its shape can be cylindrical, truncated-conical or spindle-shaped.

Depending on the type of carrot, the color can be yellow, orange, burgundy, orange-red or purple-orange, green or white. The colour of carrots depends on the percentage of pigments in the anthocyanic compounds group and natural dyes from the flavonoid class.

The chemical composition of carrots includes carotene, B vitamins, ascorbic and pantothenic acids, lycopene, phytoene, phytofluene, sugar and other macro-and micronutrients necessary for the functioning of the human body.

In the second season, the plant carrot forms a complex inflorescence in the form of a 10-15 radial umbrella with small flowers of red, yellow or white color. Carrots up to 4 mm in size have an elliptical shape and contain two seeds.

Types and varieties of Carrots SVG

There are 2 varieties of carrots in the variety of the genus:

Wild carrots (lat. Daucus carota), which grow in vivo. The plant’s root is fleshy, white or yellowish, and is absolutely unsuitable for consumption. The stem grows to a height of 0.25-100 cm. Its upper part branches out and carries heavily rugged triangular or egg-shaped leaves. The length of carrot leaves can reach 20 cm in width up to 5 cm. The flowering period of the plant lasts from June to July.

Seeding carrots (lat. Daucuscarota sativus), cultivated by humans. It is a subspecies of wild carrots. Within the subspecies there is a subdivision for forage and table varieties.