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Which Cardio SVG burns more calories?

Because the body needs extra energy during cardio training, it is traditionally believed that cardio is the best way to burn fat quickly. However, most people believe that the more sweat is released during such cardio training, the better the fat burns. However, this opinion is nothing more than another myth of fitness.

First of all, it is necessary to understand that the number of calories burned during physical training or any cardio depends not so much on the choice of specific exercises or even on the type of activity, but rather on the duration of this training and heart rate. For example, swimming and jumping on a rope require the same number of calories.

What is Cardio SVG?

Cardio training (from Greek “cardio”, heart) is the performance of any exercise that increases heart rate. The types of cardio training include running, fast walking, cycling, rowing or swimming, as well as aerobics or even active yoga. In addition, strength training can also be done in cardio mode.

In addition, the calories burned during cardio training should be evaluated correctly and it should be remembered that one can of Coca-Cola is equivalent to 30 minutes of moderate physical activity. In other words, it is much easier to control the excess calories in your food than to try to burn these very calories in the gym in the future.