Free Candy SVG Files

Candy SVG is a sugar-rich foodstuff with a high calorie content and digestibility. Types: chocolate, cocoa, sugar and flour confectionery.

Candy SVG Composition and manufacture

The following types of products are used as the main raw materials for the preparation of confectionery products: flour (wheat, less often corn, rice, oatmeal, etc.), sugar, honey, fruits and berries, milk and cream, fats, eggs, yeast, starch, cocoa, nuts, dietary acids, gelling agents, flavoring and aromatic additives, food dyestuffs and loosening agents.

The cook and historian V. V. Pokhlebkin believed that flour occupies a subordinate position in all types of confectionery dough (except for dough for cakes and gingerbreads) and there is no water.

Types of Candy SVG

Depending on the ingredients used, all types of confectionery products are divided into two main groups: sugar (chocolate, marmalade, caramel, candy, halvah, dragee) and flour (cookies, cakes, cakes, cupcakes, waffles, cakes). It happens that the confectionery product contains elements of both groups, but only one is considered the main one (for example, wafers with strawberries – flour, although strawberry filler – sugar).