Free Camping SVG Files

What is Camping SVG?

The word “camping” means camping in the open air. More often than not, camping means comfortable camping at long-term campsites. Camping is also referred to as parking places themselves. There are two kinds of campsites:

They are equipped and officially registered;

are independently organized.

Equipped Camping SVG

Officially arranged parking lots for travellers in the open air. Usually they are located in picturesque natural places at a short distance from traffic arteries or in quiet urban suburbs. They come here in motorhomes, with residential trailers or tents to spend the night, spend time in the countryside or take a break from the road.

Most often it is more profitable than renting a room in a roadside hotel or city hotel, so campsites are in constant demand among travelers. In addition, it is relatively difficult to find a place for a personal camp in “cramped” Europe: there are many private areas where parking needs to be agreed with the owner. And sometimes “wild” parking can be simply prohibited by local law 


When planning a Camping SVG trip around Europe, please note that not all of them are aimed at tent owners. The campsite can only be used by caravan owners and residential trailers.

Organized campsites, in addition to parking space, can provide a range of services to travellers: toilets, showers, water, electricity, garbage collection, caravan and trailer drainage, laundry, kitchen, children’s and sports facilities and much more. Sometimes they even have small guest houses.

Self-organized parking lots

Travellers choose their own place for the camp and organize their life. In the U.S. and Europe it is called wild camping and means any parking outside of the prepared places, including bivacs of various tourists. In some regions wild camping may be prohibited by the authorities or limited by strict rules. Therefore, it is often more difficult to organize a wild camping holiday in Europe and North America.

The task of Camping SVG is a comfortable rest in a camp with a well-organized life.

People far from the world of tourism often find it difficult to understand how camping differs from sports tourism (walking, water, cycling, etc.). Sometimes they use the same equipment, and the line between them becomes very thin for an outside observer. The answer is simple. Sports tourism is focused on overcoming an interesting route, and parking is only a small part of it, the bivac is carried almost daily. And the task of the camping is a comfortable rest in the camp with a well-organized life. In this sense, the camping is possible even with a tent and a sleeping bag. 🙂

Sometimes tourism and camping are mixed: people cross a short route and organize parking for a few days for the sake of rest in a remote and picturesque place.

In an English-speaking environment, similar terms are used to distinguish camping from tourism. Tourist parking and bivac equipment are simply called camping. For example, camping stoves are tourist burners in all their diversity, not just large camping tiles and stoves. To designate a comfortable camping vacation and equipment for it are used refined concepts: comfort camping or family camping.