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Endless beaches and snow passes of Sierra Nevada, Hollywood, IT-giants of Silicon Valley, groves of giant sequoias and futuristic interlacing of highways – all this is California, the richest state of the United States, second only to Alaska and Texas. It stretches in a narrow strip along the Pacific coast from Oregon to the Mexican border.

The capital of California SVG, Sacramento, hides in the shadow of the more eminent San Francisco and Los Angeles. Through them passes the coastal Road number 1 with a length of 1055 km, which patriotic Americans call the most beautiful on earth. On the territory of the “Golden State” there are the first Disneyland and 8 national parks, including the fabulous Yosemite and inhospitable Death Valley. In addition, California SVG is one of the most famous and largest wine-making regions in the world. Most of its wineries are open to the public.

California SVG regions and resorts

California’s 1,240 km from south to north and 400 km from east to west include several regions that vary in climate, landscape and natural beauty. The state’s most populous, sunny and attractive part is its Pacific coast from San Diego to San Francisco, with hot summers and mild winters. Los Angeles, the bohemian Beverly Hills and Hollywood, the world-famous long sandy beaches and small towns populated by millionaires are all within easy reach.

Much of the south is covered by the Mojave Desert. The scorching heat of the day, combined with cold nights and rare rains, has almost robbed it of any vegetation and rewarded it with “alien” landscapes. The Death Valley National Park here is the lowest point in the United States (86 m below sea level) and the hottest place in North America (recorded temperature of +56.6 ° C). Another unique feature of the valley is its large stones, which can move on their own.

Fans of hiking should go to the north of the state – to the national parks “Klamat”, “Modok”, “Lassen” and “Shasta Trinity” with pristine nature and a lot of paths for hiking.

Along the eastern border of California SVG for 750 km stretches the mountain range of Sierra Nevada with snow-capped peaks reaching a height of 4418 m, and the national park “Yosemite” with turbulent rivers, waterfalls and giant sequoias. Comfortable winter temperatures, plenty of snow and sunny days, well-groomed slopes, modern ski lifts and impeccable service have made the local ski resorts one of the best in the USA.

In the central part of the state, between the coast and the Sierra Nevada mountains lies the California Valley. The combination of wet winters with warm and dry summers allows growing vegetables, fruits and grapes, from which the famous California wines are produced. You can fly over the valley in a hot-air balloon or take a wine tour to taste local winemakers’ products.