Free Cake SVG Files

A Cake SVG (from Italian torta, formerly from Latin tōrta, round bread) is a dessert consisting of one or more cakes soaked in cream or jam. The top of the cake is usually decorated with cream, glaze or fruit.

There are also some kinds of cakes that are not sweet (e.g. liver cake), but the name “cake” indicates that the dish is more likely to be decorated: laying the ingredients in layers and possibly decorating the top layer. In the example of liver cake: roasted minced liver tortillas with mayonnaise layer, decorated with herbs on top.

Cake SVG Cooking

Most cakes are made of sponge cake or sand dough, while classic cakes are a combination of thin sand Cake SVG (for a more stable base) and one or more sponge cakes. Layer dough or waffle cakes are also sometimes used for cakes. Cakes are usually lubricated with povidlo, butter or sugar cream cream and condensed milk. It is also possible to put a layer of fruit, berries and nuts between the cakes, and soak the cakes with a small amount of alcohol (rum, liqueur). Both in the dough and in the cream you can add various flavor and aromatic additives: cocoa powder, vanilla, food dyes.

Traditionally, cakes have a rounded shape, but some varieties, as well as industrial cakes, are baked in rectangular forms. These cakes are often cut into pieces and sold as cakes (e.g. Napoleon cake and the cake of the same name). In Italy, cakes in the form of hemispheres are popular. Recently, unusual forms of cakes have become popular, for example, in the form of a star or heart – these cakes are often made to special occasions.

A trained pastry chef bakes and decorates cakes.