Free Butterfly SVG Files

Butterfly SVG is an insect class, a type of arthropods, a group of scales (lat. Lepidóptera).

The Russian name “butterfly” comes from the Old Slavonic word “babka”, which means “old woman” or “grandmother”. In the beliefs of the ancient Slavs it was believed that these were the souls of the dead, so people treated them respectfully.

Butterfly SVG. Structure and appearance of butterflies

Butterfly SVG is an insect whose body consists of:

The heads, inactively connected to the breast. The butterfly head has a rounded shape with a slightly flattened occipital part. Round or oval convex butterfly eyes in the form of hemispheres, occupying most of the side surface of the head, have a complex facet structure. Butterflies have colored vision, and moving objects are perceived better than stationary ones. Many species have additional simple parietal eyes behind their antennae. The structure of the mouthpiece depends on the species and can be sucking or chewing.

A breast with a three-segment structure. The front part is much smaller than the middle and back, where there are three pairs of legs, which have a characteristic structure of insects. There are spurs on the tibiae of the butterfly’s front legs, designed to maintain the hygiene of the mustache.

The abdomen has the form of the elongated cylinder consisting of ten segments of the ring-shaped form with spikelets being on them.

Butterfly SVG moustaches are located on the border of the parietal and frontal parts of the head. They help butterflies to orientate themselves in their surroundings, perceiving air fluctuations and various odors.

The length and structure of the mustache depend on the species.

Two pairs of butterfly wings covered with flat flakes of different shapes have a membrane structure and are permeated with transverse and longitudinal veins. The size of the rear wings can be the same as or significantly smaller than the front wings. Butterfly wing pattern varies from view to view and fascinates with its beauty.

When shooting macro photography, the butterfly scales are very visible – they can have completely different shapes and colours.

The appearance and coloring of butterfly wings are not only used for intraspecific sexual recognition, but also act as a protective camouflage that allows to merge with the surrounding environment. Therefore, colors can be both monochrome and motley with a complex pattern.

The size of a butterfly, or better to say the span of a butterfly’s wings, can vary from 2 mm to 31 cm.