Free Box SVG Files

The Box SVG is a container (receptacle) in the form of a polyhedron, usually a rectangular parallelepiped.

Usually the word “box” is used for thin and fragile (e.g. cardboard) walls, and the word “box” is used for thicker (e.g. wooden) walls. The shape of the Box SVG remains the same as that of an empty box, as well as that of a full box, which distinguishes it from bags and handbags.

The shape of the rectangular parallelepiped (less often another polyhedron) distinguishes the Box SVG from the bucket, cans, bottles and similar containers. This form has the advantage that it saves space when storing and transporting by transport, given that neighboring boxes (as well as rooms, cabinets, wagons, etc.) are also usually shaped like polyhedrons. On the other hand, boxes and crates are uncomfortable to carry by one person because of their shape.

The most commonly used materials are wooden boards, cardboard, paper, tin, plastics, and duralumin.

There are also stable speech expressions, such as “black box”, “gearbox”, which denote objects that are currently completely different from the box, but are called so for historical reasons.