Free Bobcats SVG Files

It so happens that some of the most formidable predators on our planet, it is the representatives of the family of cats, and each kind and affectionate cat has very formidable relatives. One of them is a Bobcat SVG, which is essentially a big, wild and, of course, very predatory cat living in the forests. It’s our article today.

Bobcat SVG: description, structure, characteristics. How does a lynx look like?

The average body length of the Bobcat SVG is from 80 to 130 cm. The weight of the lynx, if the male is between 18 and 25 kg, the female is slightly smaller and lighter, and usually weighs 17-18 kg. The body of this beast is short and dense.

Available, as well as all cat tails, however, the tail of a lynx, usually with a cut-off end. The lynx ears are decorated with fluffy tassels. These cats also have an extension wool on their beards, which creates a kind of sideburns. The lynx’s face is round and small, but its eyes are bigger and have vertical pupils. Her eyesight is very good, and her lynx is able to see in the dark, you can also say about hearing and smell, all these senses are as well developed in lynx as in ordinary cats.

The lynx hair is thick, silky and beautiful. Large and fluffy paws give the animal an excellent opportunity to move on the snow in winter. The colour of the lynx varies according to its species and habitat, from red to grey-brown.

Where does the Bobcat SVG live

Bobcat SVG lives in a very wide geographical area, but only in the northern hemisphere of our planet: in North America (in the U.S. and Canada), in northern Eurasia: these cats can be found in the Siberian taiga, and in the mountains of China and Tibet, and on the Scandinavian peninsula. As for our country, the common lynx is found in the Carpathian forests, among other things.

The lynx always chooses dense forested terrain as its habitat. It happens that in search of prey lynxes can go out on forest edges or meadows, but do not stay there long, always returning to their native forest thickets.