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Bird SVG – a group of warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates, traditionally considered in the rank of a separate class. They are a well separated group from the rest of modern animals, one of the most characteristic features of which is the feather cover, protecting the body from adverse temperature changes and playing an important role in flight. The ability to fly is the most important feature of birds (some species do not have it for the second time). The front extremities took the form of wings. Birds have a special structure of respiratory and digestive organs, which is closely related to their ability to fly. Another distinctive feature is the presence of a beak.

Many bird species make regular long migrations from one region of the Earth to another. An even greater number of people lead a nomadic way of life, moving constantly for short distances within their ranges. Birds are social animals that communicate with each other through visual and acoustic signals and, in some cases, carry out community activities such as nesting, joint hunting or protection against predators. Most species are characterized by monogamy. As a rule, eggs are laid in a nest and laid by one or both members of the pair. Most birds take care of their offspring for a long time after they are born.

Birds inhabit all ecosystems of the globe, including the interior of Antarctica. According to the data of the International union of ornithologists, on March, 2019 to a science it is known 10 738 kinds nowadays living birds (20 046 subspecies), and also 158 kinds which have died out in modern historical time. This makes birds the most diverse group of four-legged birds. In Russia, 789 species were recorded, including 657 nesting species, 125 unspecified nesting species and 7 extinct species.

Being the most numerous and widespread group of higher vertebrates, and also because of peculiarities of their biology, birds play an important role in nature and human life. Many species are of great economic importance. Poultry farming is one of the main branches of agriculture, producing meat, eggs, fat and feathers for human consumption. Many species of birds are kept by humans as pets. As a result of human activities, many birds have been further developed, some have become synanthropists, but at the same time some 1,200 species are at some degree of risk of extinction and protected by national and international laws

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The size and body weight of birds are different. Weight of large flying birds usually does not exceed 12-16 kg (swans, vultures, bustards) with wingspan up to 3 m (pelicans, albatrosses). The smallest of the birds – some types of hummingbird – have a maximum body weight of 3-7 g. Loss of ability to fly often leads to an increase in size: the weight of large penguins reaches 40 kg, casuars and African ostriches – 80-150 kg. Some extinct non-flying birds reached the masses of 230-400 kg (epiornis, moa).

The smallest living bird is considered to be a hummingbird bee – its body length does not exceed 5.7 cm. The largest modern bird is the African ostrich with a height up to 2.7 m and weight up to 156 kg. Thus, the weight of the smallest bird is 66 thousand times less than the weight of the largest living bird.

The Andean Condor is one of the largest flying birds, weighing up to 11.4 kg with wingspan of up to 3.1 m. The length of adult birds varies between 117-135 cm.

Wandering albatross, reaching body lengths of up to 117 cm, has the largest wingspan among living birds – up to 3.25 m.