Free Birch SVG Files

Birch SVG belongs to the deciduous plants of the class of dicotyledonous, birch family, bunch of bukotsvetnye, kind of birch. The Latin name of the tree was borrowed from the ancient Greek language. The Praslavonic name comes from the word “white, glow”.

The Birch SVG – description and characteristics

These trees, except for some dwarf species, reach a height of 45 meters, and the trunk of the birch can reach a girth of 1.5 meters. Young birch branches are usually reddish-brown and covered with small “warts”. Kidneys on the branches are arranged alternately and covered with sticky scales. Small bright green leaves with pronounced streaks have the form of an equilateral triangle with two rounded corners, the edges of which are cut by denticles. In spring, young birch leaves are usually sticky.

The Birch SVG bark covering the trunk may be white, yellowish, pink or brown. Some species have brown and grey trunk colours. The upper part of the bark, birch bark, is easily peeled off the trunk. The old trees below are covered with rough dark bark with deep cracks.

The root system of the birch is branched out, superficial, with numerous thin branches or deep, with roots that go inland obliquely. This depends on the conditions in which the tree grows. In the first years of its life it grows slowly, and in 3-4 years the growth rate increases.