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Believe in yourself. Believe yourself.

They’re close, but not identical in meaning. No bet: Believing in yourself is important to achieve success. But it’s more valuable to believe yourself to choose what’s important to you.

You have to believe in yourself. Everybody’s heard that phrase many times, especially in their youth. It’s got a call, a tip, an exhortation, and a sign of support. Most of the time, she passed by, as did most of the phrases and instructions. But if these words were uttered by a person not only loved, but also valued seriously, then they could really add determination and strength.

Sometimes it’s just an attempt to cope with the shyness. You know, jump off a three-meter tower for the first time, cross the threshold of an examination room or apply for a competition. It’s, as they say, a matter of life.

But there are other things. A man sets himself a task that no one has ever solved before, and at first it seems impossible to achieve. It’s about creativity, no matter if it’s a laser, a musical theme or an unprecedented scooter. At the moment of solving a problem, a person by definition should feel special, maybe even genius. Otherwise, the task is not to be able to do it. The cowardly thought of “have I thought of myself?” can only interfere with the case.

And here the creator (the creator, because even the schoolboy who collects the first radio receiver is a creator) as air, water and bread needs early encouragement. Psychologists and geneticists know about it. Vladimir Ephroimson, a geneticist, even introduced a new term for this purpose – impressing, which means “early and ultra-early childhood impressions that operate in a sensitive period and determine the nature and direction of personality for life. Among other things, he argued that early recognition, promotion and freedom of creative expression were essential to the development of genius.