Free Beetle SVG Files

Beetle SVG is an insect that belongs to the kingdom of animals, arthropods, insect class, hard-winged detachment, or beetles (Latin Coleoptera).

Beetle SVG – description, characteristic, structure

A characteristic feature of hard-winged beetles is the presence of hard chitinous or leathery elytrae formed from the upper wing pair. This kind of armor protects the folded flying wings of the insect from damage when it is not in the air.

The shape of the beetle’s body depends on its habitat and species. It is slightly flattened, streamlined and compact (floaters, twirls) among water inhabitants.

Beetles SVG living in the soil are characterized by a slightly convex body shape with a powerful, extended front part (scarabs, dung).

Beetles inhabiting the surface of the earth have a strongly convex upper part and quite long limbs (carabidae).

There are three main areas in the adult body structure: head, chest and abdomen.

The head of the Beetle SVG is rounded, slightly flattened, although some families have an elongated tube shape. It can be deeply inserted into the prothoraxis and be almost invisible or connected to it freely with the help of a moving neck. Some beetles have a head that has a mouthpiece at the end of it (weevils, false elephants, tube wrenches).