Free Bees SVG Files

Perhaps, it is Bees SVG that is the most useful insect in the economy of our planet, because thanks to it people from ancient times have the opportunity to eat honey. In ancient times, people learned to breed bees, and honey, obtained with their help, for centuries served as both a favorite sweet treat and medicine, and an important ingredient in the creation of alcoholic beverages, such as mead, which was very popular with our ancestors in the days of Kievan Rus. So a bee from ancient times is a loyal friend of man and our article today

Bees SVG description, structure, characteristics. How does a bee look like?

According to the zoological classification, the bee belongs to the stinginging family, a group of membranular wings and its closest relatives are wasps and ants.

The bee’s colouring is well known and consists of a black background with yellow spots. But the size of a bee may vary from 3 to 45 mm depending on its type and class.

Three parts of the insect’s body structure can be conventionally identified:

The head of a bee, which is crowned with two mustaches, is also a complex eye with a facetted structure. The bee’s eyes are developed quite well, so they are able to distinguish almost all colors, except for the shades of red. Also, the insect head is equipped with a special trunk, designed to collect nectar from flowers. The bee’s mouthpiece has a cutting chew.

A bee’s chest equipped with two paired wings and three pairs of legs. The wings of the bee are connected to each other by means of small hooks. The bee’s legs are covered with lint which serves for practical purposes – cleaning of antennas, removal of wax plates, etc.

The belly of a bee is a reservoir of digestive and sexual system of an insect. There’s also a stinger and wax glands. The lower part of the abdomen is covered with long hairs that help to retain pollen.