Free Beaver SVG Files

Beavers SVG are the only modern species of animals of the Beaver family, rodent squad, and mammal class.

After the South American capibar beavers are the largest representatives of the rodent squad. The body length of adults varies from 80 to 130 cm with growth in the withers up to 35 cm. Their tail varies from 25 cm to 37 cm. The average weight of an adult beaver is 20-30 kg, with some old fat males weighing up to 45.5 kg.

Sexual dimorphism of mammals is weakly developed and externally only in size: females are slightly larger than males.

The body structure of the Beaver SVG is ideally adapted to a semiconductor lifestyle. The head of the animals is large, flattened from above, with a narrow muzzle extending to the cheekbones. The neck is shortened, thick, without any noticeable interception goes to the torso.

The beaver’s eyes are small, covered by transparent blinking films, the third century, protecting them from damage by floating debris. Using this cover, the beaver can swim underwater with eyes open and see well.

Rodents have very well developed sensitive hairs (vibrates). They are located above the lips, above the eyes, and between the eye and nose.

The beaver’s lips are fleshy and very mobile, with hair on the outside. The upper lip is bifurcated and both halves are covered with huge arched incisors that protrude forward. Behind the incisors both halves of the upper lip close, pressing against the lower lip. This closure forms a barrier to water. Thanks to this structure, beavers can chew on trees underwater without risk of drowning.

The Beaver SVG fur consists of hard spun and guiding hair, as well as a thick soft undercoat (pillow). When the beaver dives, the spunky hair is pressed against the undercoat so tightly that the air between them is not forced out. Once the animal is on land and shaken up, the fur becomes almost dry.