Free Beard SVG Files

The Beard SVG is the hair on the bottom of the face. One of the male secondary human sex traits caused by testosterone. The Beard SVG begins to develop during puberty.

Beard SVG Evolutionary meaning

Beards, moustaches and sideburns appear to have appeared in men to increase their competitiveness, such as battle coloring, which visually raises the status in the eyes of their relatives. V.R. Dolnik supposed that the magnificent hair of a man (like the mane of old males of Pawiana) can raise his status in the eyes of his relatives. And Charles Darwin believed that the beard was created because of sexual selection, as it serves as a decoration that increases the attractiveness of males. The alleged connection to the beard and attractiveness has been disproved. The beard is probably needed for more effective competition between men. As men with beards seem to be more dominant, aggressive, and have a higher status than men with cleanly shaved faces.

Beard SVG History

All the men of ancient Egypt shaved their beards. Only the Pharaoh had the right to wear the beard (as a sign of his possession of the land), but his beard was artificial. Like a wig, it was made of wool or cut hair, twisted with gold threads, and tied to the chin with a cord. This ceremonial beard could have been shaped in many ways, but the most common was a cattail-like bent at the end of the pigtail.

Alexander the Great ordered his soldiers to shave the beard so that the enemy warrior could not grab it during the battle.

In the Roman Empire, a shaved face and a short haircut were one of the signs of civilization and distinguished the Roman from the “wild” peoples. Emperor Adrian put an end to this tradition.

Cuban rebels against the Batista regime led by F. Castro were known as “barbados” – bearded.