Free Beach Umbrella SVG Files

Summer is approaching, so it’s time to think about buying sunscreen accessories. A sunbathing Umbrella SVG is the best solution. It can simply be called a beach – it has established itself as a great option to save from the scorching summer sunlight where there is simply no place to hide from them.

The first mention of Umbrella SVG is in the history of ancient Egypt. Even then, the pharaohs used them to protect them from the scorching sun. In ancient Rome, they were made of feathers and leaves. The enterprising Chinese were the first to make these umbrellas folding, making them easier to transport.

In addition to its main purpose, sun protection, the beach umbrella can have several other functions. If the sky is suddenly clear and covered with clouds, you can hide underneath it from the rain, and if your rest is supposed to be in an area where mosquitoes and flies are abundant, a special modification of the umbrella with a falling mosquito net will also save you from them. This kind of awning will significantly improve your holiday in nature – whether it is a beach or a summer house.

The beach accessories market today offers a huge range of beach umbrellas. Among them there are folding models with valves in the dome. The need for such a detail is created when the street is full of calm, and the air is literally stagnating in space. When the valve is opened, an additional air exchange is created under the umbrella, which operates on the principle of inlet ventilation. A little draught blows up nicely, so it doesn’t get so hot.

There is also a variety of beach umbrella, specially designed for active recreation. It is equipped with a skirt dome that covers most of the space from the top of the umbrella to the ground. This type of fishing is very popular among fans – it saves not only from the heat, but also from the rain and wind.

The most compact is the road umbrella model. As a rule, instead of two, they have a system of three additions. Such a hand umbrella is convenient to take for a picnic or on long journeys to the sea, just putting it in the trunk of the car.

Beach Umbrella SVG are also divided by design:

  • Classic. It has no additional details except for the support and the dome and is quite easy to install in the sand, and in the pebbles, and the ground;
  • Hanging in the spring with the rotation around the axis. Such an umbrella is used mainly on equipped beaches, as it is stationary and does not require addition and carrying;
  • Multilevel. It is particularly stable and can accommodate many people;
  • Regardless of the position of the sun in the sky and the direction and strength of the wind, you will always be protected from the scorching rays.
  • There are beach umbrellas in the shape of a dome:
  • Round. It’s a classic fungus style that will never go out of style;
  • Squares. To install such umbrellas in special pockets, sand is filled in for better stability.
  • Transformers. Looks like tents. Side mounting is possible with additional valves.

The standard diameter of the beach umbrella dome is 1.6 meters. Such an umbrella is easy to transport, it is suitable for 1-2 people. If you want to buy an umbrella for a large company, the best option is to buy a large diameter umbrella, for example, 3.7 meters.


The strength of the frame determines the reliability and stability of the Umbrella SVG. Responsible manufacturers pay special attention to this and use only proven materials for its creation. Steel and fiberglass are among them. An excellent choice would be a titanium-plated steel frame.

There are also less durable, but cheaper materials – plastic and aluminium. However, the frame made of such material has almost no chance of serving you at least a couple of seasons. Among the advantages of this umbrella is its low cost and low weight, which will not cause major problems in its transportation.


Water resistance is an important factor that the dome material should have. However, not all of the materials used in the production of beach umbrella domes have this property.

The polyester umbrella is easy to care for and durable enough, but there is no air exchange underneath it. That’s why it’s not nice to be under such an umbrella on a hot day. Polyamide is a rather durable and wear-resistant material and is resistant to cleaning chemicals. Nylon is also durable, durable, easy to clean and dries quickly.