Free Beach SVG Files

The Beach SVG is a relatively flat surface of the water body shore formed by its denudation under the influence of water and wind. The beach is formed by the accumulation of sediment.

The term “beach” is also used to describe a place of mass recreation, swimming and sunbathing.

Beach SVG Views

According to the composition of the surface layer the beaches are divided into sandy, sandy shell, pebble, boulder, gravel, coral and others.

The surface layer of sandy beach on land and partly in the water consists of sand.

The surface layer of the sandy shell beach consists of small shells and sand resulting from the destruction of shells by waves. An example is the beaches of the Kerch peninsula (Kazantip Bay).

The surface layer of the pebble beach consists of pebbles.

River Beach SVG

River beach – accumulation of sediment on a convex river bank.

The beach is formed on a convex river bank (bend), usually during meandering. In the lowlands, the beaches are drying up. Opposite the beach, on the opposite bank of the river is usually a relatively deep fringe. Above and below the beach there are often rides.

In contrast to the side beaches, they do not move downstream, but usually increase their size, as the beaches are areas of sediment accumulation. In some cases, the beaches shrink or slightly change their size. In other types of channel processes beaches are formed only in separate places.

Beach SVG Usage

Beaches designed for mass recreation, bathing and sunbathing are in some cases provided with appropriate equipment (sun loungers, umbrellas, locker rooms, showers and toilets), so that such a beach is referred to as “cultural”, as opposed to “wild” beach, where nature retains its primordial appearance to some extent.

Sometimes the “cultural” beach has a rescue station, as well as a first aid station. As beach cleaning and maintenance of satisfactory sanitary conditions require certain costs, entry to such beaches is made for a fee or limited to a certain number of authorized persons.

Some beaches serve as a resting place for naturists who prefer to stay naked; these beaches are called nudist beaches. There are also topless beaches where women are not wearing top swimsuits. There are also special beaches for dogs where people can relax with their pets.

Also, easy access to water and gradually increasing depth promote the use of the beach for water intake, watering pets, laundry, etc.


Some sports have been specially adapted for beach activities (see beach volleyball, beach soccer, beach handball, also Asian Beach Games).

Environmental Factors

The naturally formed beach protects the shore from further destruction, weakening the surfactant as it moves along the shallow waters. In this regard, the extraction of gravel or sand on the beach inevitably leads to the risk of destruction of coastal structures and, in particular, embankments during storms, which took place, for example, in the city of Sochi in the middle of XX century.

In all cases where the direction of the wave is not perpendicular to the shore, there is a drift of sand or gravel along the coastline. To preserve the beach, a system of breakwaters is often created that go to sea from the shoreline. The most dangerous beach for health is Ripals Bay (Hong Kong).