Free Bat SVG Files

The Bat SVG is a mammal that belongs to the placental mammals, the species is considered to be the most mysterious animal. On the one hand, a bat is the only mammal that can move around in the air; on the basis of this ability, it was claimed to be a bird. But, on the other hand, they are live-bearing, they feed their cubs with milk, which birds don’t do.

The nightlife of these animals and their frightening appearance has created many legends around them, and some are absolutely convinced that little animals sleeping in secluded places head down, real vampires who hunt people and animals to drink their blood. Not everyone in this story is fiction.

What do Bat SVG look like?

It is believed that every fourth mammal on earth belongs to the group of hand-winged mammals. Despite specific differences, they all have common external features.


The main distinguishing feature of these animals are their wings. It was because of the presence of a long debate: a bat is still a bird or a beast.

Wings are thin membranes that are stretched between the front and rear limbs. Unlike birds, the ruccolae do not have feathers, and the membranes are attached to the very long fingers of the front limbs.

Wingspan, depending on the type, can vary from 16 cm to 1.5 m. Despite their apparent fragility, they are capable of withstanding significant loads and can fly at speeds of up to 20 km/h.

Flight isn’t the only purpose of wings. During sleep, the hand-wings are wrapped in them, and thus preserve their warmth.


Ears play an important role in the life of an animal without sharp vision. Almost every species has a huge size.

Numerous networks of blood vessels nourish the ears because their participation in the activity of the armwings provides them with the ability to move and hunt.

Animals make subtle sounds that come back from objects. This orientation technique in the world is called echolocation. The ability to catch even the softest sounds in a flash helps the winged to fly at night, to hear the movement of potential prey.


Hand-winged people lead a nightlife, which in the process of evolution has also affected their eyesight. Small eyes of almost all species are located in the front of the muzzle.

But there are exceptions for these animals, too. For example, California leafworm sometimes relies more on sight than hearing when hunting.

If a bat lives like a pet, you’ve noticed that it rarely flies into a room where the light is on, and to catch it, just turn on the light bulb, and the animal immediately stops flying.

The teeth

Absolutely all hand-winged teeth: you can see incisors, molars, molars, canines in the jaw. But their number, size and structure depend solely on what bats eat in their natural environment.

Those hand-winged insects that are fed by insects have up to 38 teeth, and the length of their fangs may also vary. Blood-sucking mice usually have 20 teeth in their jaws and are not as big and developed as their insect eaters.


Most species of ruchoidoptera have a soft color: brown, gray, dark grey. It’s related to the need to remain unnoticed during night hunting. But among these animals there are also real fashionable people: the species of Mexican fish-eaters has bright orange or yellow wool. There are manwings in the shades of which there are light tones: pale, light-yellow.

The Honduran white bat boasts white hair and bright yellow ears and nose.

The quality of the coating can also vary. There are animals with thick and rare fur, long and short pile.