Free Baseball SVG Files

Baseball SVG is a team sport in which the main equipment is a bat and a ball.

World Baseball Softball Confederation Until 2013, two federations (baseball and softball) existed separately from each other.

Baseball SVG history and development

Since baseball is very popular in the U.S., it is believed that its creator was one of the Americans. But historians present other facts. It is known that the games, the prototype of which was baseball, existed for a long time in European territory. Among them are such games as cricket, barrier and lapta. Each sport exists independently of each other, but everyone has similar rules of play. Ball and bat games were already known at the end of the 17th century. Among them was baseball, which was mentioned in some press and books. But the official baseball rules were only adopted in 1845. And in 1846, the first match was held under the new rules. 1957 was marked by the creation of the National Baseball Players Association for baseball. Sixteen clubs were included. In 1869 for the first time began to pay money to baseball club players, and two years later in the U.S. was organized the League of Professional Baseball (“National League”). In 1901, the American League was established. Since 1903, the professional teams that were the winners of these two leagues, met each other in the “World Series”. The winning team received the most valuable cup in the world and memory in the hearts of the fans for many decades. Nowadays, baseball is played in more than 120 countries. This game is especially popular in the United States, Cuba, China, South Korea, Venezuela and Japan.

Baseball SVG rules

Baseball is played by two teams against each other for one purpose – to gain more points (or jogging). The point is valid when the player of the attacking team runs through all the bases on the field of play in turn. There are nine people on the baseball team. Each team plays in turn in defense and attack. In one inning, the team plays both in defense and offense. Innings by baseball rules nine. In case of a tie between the teams, one innings are added before the victory of one of the teams. Once a record was set for the duration of one baseball game – over 9 hours.

Players on the field

The defending team has 9 players on the field simultaneously. The attacking team has one player starting the game. The maximum number of players of the attacking team is 4: one in the “house” with a bat and one each on the bases. The focus is always on three athletes: pitcher, catcher and batter. Pitcher is the player of the defending team who throws the ball. His goal is to get the ball into the strike zone. If three strikes are counted, the kicker (better) is eliminated. You must throw the balls so that the kicker has less opportunity to kick them in or out of the playing area. There are various techniques and types of throws that make it difficult for a batter to do so.

Better’s gotta hit the ball, and he’s gotta do it in the strike zone. This zone is the distance from the knee to the athlete’s chest. If the ball flies outside this area, you don’t have to hit it. If a swing is made and the ball is not in the strike zone, the strike is scored. When a batter kicks the ball, he needs to get to the base. When he gets to her, a new batter comes out on the field and so on until three players take their bases.

Katcher’s got to catch the pitcher’s ball. It also protects the bases on the field (1st and 3rd) and insures the “house”. As a rule, there is a system of symbols between the pitcher and the catcher that the pitcher has to understand how to throw the ball. The goal of the defense players is to send the batter into touch. You can do this in the following ways: catch the ball before it touches the ground, with the ball caught get to base number 1 before the batter does it, touch the better with the ball (“besieged”), while he jogs through the bases.

Features of the game

Despite the fact that baseball is a team game, much depends on the individual qualities of the players, their strength, running speed, reaction. Part of the success depends on the overall strategy for the game, the ability to change tactics during the game session. The game can be played with just one pitch or bat. For example, the kicker has only a fraction of a second at his disposal to assess the trajectory of the ball. The better the player uses his allotted time, the higher his physical fitness, the better his team’s chances of success. This is due to the fact that most of the game (about 90%) is a confrontation between better and pitcher.

Baseball SVG field

The playground is presented as a sector. His rays are at right angles. There are two game zones in the field: the inner square, the corners of which are the bases and the “home” (“infield”); the outer field (“outfield”). From “home”, the numbering of bases goes counterclockwise. In the middle of the infield is the pitcher’s slide from which the ball is thrown into play. The rays of the sector are the fault-lines. If the ball goes out of their range, the ball is declared to be in a faul-ball position, which means out of action. The playing part of the field within the rays is called “fer”.

There are also areas for catcher, coaches and warming up players. There’s a fence all around the field. Almost the entire field is grass-covered. The Pitcher Hill is equipped with a rubber sheet. “The house is also covered in rubber. All three bases are peculiar “pillows”, covered with dense fabric. At the corners they are fixed with special pegs.

Baseball SVG inventory

The most important thing in baseball is the ball. Its weight is about 5 ounces (but no more than 5.25 ounces). The base consists of a cork tree with rubber. The top is covered with leather with red woolen thread stitches. The diameter of the ball does not exceed 23.5 mm. Only Railwlings balls are used for professional games.

The players of the defending team have trap gloves with them. For right-handed players, the trap is dressed on the left hand, and for left-handed players – on the right hand. There are traps for: catchers; players on bases. Gloves can be made from a variety of materials, but more often pressed leather is used. The player traps in the field are softer. It has a wide pocket between your index finger and thumb. With a glove like that, it’s easier to catch a little ball from different angles. The size of the traps is bigger on the bases than the catchers’. The catcher traps are tougher. There are special requirements for the filler. He must protect the athlete’s arm from injury, as the ball flies at a speed of more than 100 km/h. This glove should be flexible enough. The catcher also has the following equipment: bits; knees; bib; helmet with a mask (metal mesh). Bit for professional players is made exclusively of wood. For amateur games, you can use aluminum bits. A quality wooden bit is much more expensive than an aluminum bit. In many professional baseball games, beats break from the blows, which adds to the spectacular confrontation between the two teams. A helmet with a mask, kneecaps and a bib are designed to protect catchers from balls. If there was no defence on the player, the ball would have seriously injured the player. Although it’s against the rules to throw a ball at a catcher, it happens sometimes. Multiple hits in a row can lead to a forced substitution of the pitcher! In professional baseball, a lot of attention is paid to outfitting. The inventory is made to order by renowned and proven craftsmen. No one allows the use of low-quality materials. Many popular players can put up items of their inventory at auctions after memorable and spectacular games.