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Barbecue SVG – a method of cooking food, most often meat (steaks, sausages), in the heat of smoldering coal, burning gas or an electric heater;

  • the name of the dish itself, as well as the equipment used to do so;
  • a leisure activity with food preparation in this way;
  • a special sauce used to make meat in this way;

a grid in the Taino tribe where prisoners were tortured, slowly frying them on fire. (The Taino tribe moved to Cuba from Yucatan around 1000 BC. Ten years after Christopher Columbus’ arrival, the Taino Indians were almost completely exterminated. Taino can be translated as a “noble, good man”).

The term is traditionally used in the U.S. and is close to the traditional Russian shish kebab.

In a narrow, technological sense, the term “barbecue” refers to the method of preparing a product by baking it over smoldering coals at a relatively low temperature (100-120 °C). This value is preserved in the southern states of the United States, for which this method of meat preparation is traditional since the XVIII century.

Barbecue SVG Origin of the word

This word was first mentioned in 1553 in the book “The Chronicle of Peru” by Ciez de León as the Spanish word barbacoa.

There is an assumption that the term derives from the distorted French word combination barbe à queue – “from muzzle to tail”, that is, the carcass fried entirely on a spit or grill.

Barbecue SVG Preparation

In a broad sense, the internationally accepted term barbecue combines all kinds of cooking methods (traditionally meat, but the term has also been extended to fish, poultry, vegetables, fruit, desserts and slices of bread) in the heat of coal, gas or electric heaters, from kebabs, grills, kebabs, choirs, mtsvadi, braai, shurasco and yakinika. This meaning was acquired in the 1940s and 50s due to the wide spread of suburban culture, primarily in English-speaking countries (USA, Australia).


The barbecue oven can be a rather complex construction, including a hearth with a grill and spit (usually equipped with an electric drive), a cooker, an oven, a smoker, a tandoor, etc. In addition, the barbecue should be designed to have free surfaces – shelves – to accommodate the food itself and the appropriate cooking utensils that will be required during the cooking process. It is also necessary to provide for a cutting table and an integrated sink.

When laying the kiln barbecue uses not only bricks, but also various natural stones of different sizes and shapes, which give the barbecue an original shape and stylish design.

Grilled barbecues, tuxedos and grill boilers are also used for cooking.