Free Bandana SVG Files

Bandana SVG (Hindi बन्धन bandhana – tie) – kerchief or shawl of large size. Traditionally, bandanas are made of multi-colored fabric with patterns. Bandanas are tied both on the forehead and around the neck (neckscarf).

Bandana SVG History

Initially, bandanas had quite practical application – they were used by Spanish vakeros, and later by American cowboys to protect them from dust. Bandanas were running around on their necks and could be quickly put on their faces to cover their noses and mouths from the dust clouds that were raised by the cattle during the distillation.

In Central Asia, such bandages were worn by riders in hot weather instead of a hat. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union and the arrival of foreign missionaries from Islamic countries, Central Asian Muslims tied a traditional handkerchief like bandanas. And today, despite the active canonical and Koranic sermon of the Sharia clothing – hijab – by young and old mullahs who graduated from foreign and local madrassas, many elderly women continue to tie their handkerchiefs in the form of bandanas.

Ways of wearing

Today, bandanas are a fashionable accessory to clothing and are often tied on the head, around the wrists, just tucked in jeans, etc.

In one of the models of bikini (bandanquini) a traditional bra replaces the bandana tied on the back with a knot.

Bandana SVG in modern culture

Often the bandanas depict the symbols of various musical groups, company logos, etc., which makes them a kind of means of self-expression of the owner: wearing a bandana with the name of his favorite rock band, a person declares his idol (taste) to everyone. Bandanas are just an accessory.