Free Banana SVG Files

Banana SVG (Latin Musa) is a perennial herbaceous plant, which belongs to the flower department, the class of monocotyledon, the order of gingerbread, the family of banana, the genus of banana.

Origin of the word ” Banana SVG”.

There is no precise information on the origin of the Latin definition of Musa. Some researchers believe that the banana was named in memory of the court physician Antonio Muse, who was in the service of Octavian Augustus, the Roman emperor who ruled in the last decades BC and the early years of our era. According to another theory, it originated from the Arabic word “موز”, which sounds like “muses” – the names of edible fruits formed on this plant. In Russian, the concept of “banana” has become a free transliteration of the word “banana” from the dictionaries of almost all European languages. Apparently, this definition was borrowed by Spanish or Portuguese sailors in the late 16th early 17th century from the vocabulary of tribes living in West Africa.

Banana SVG – description, structure, characteristics

Despite the fact that the banana looks like a tree, it is actually a herb, namely a herbaceous plant with strong roots, a short stem that does not come to the surface, and 6-20 large leaves. After bamboo, banana is the highest grass in the world. Banana fruit is a berry.

Stem and roots.

The numerous fibrous roots that form the root system can sprawl to the sides up to 5 meters and go deep in search of moisture up to 1.5 meters. False trunk of a banana, which extends from 2 to 12 meters high and has a diameter of up to 40 cm, has dense and long leaves overlapping with each other.

Banana leaves.

Banana leaves are oblong or oval in shape, they can be more than 3 meters long and up to 1 meter wide. On their surface one large longitudinal vein clearly emerges, from which many small perpendicular veins depart. The colouring of banana leaves is varied. Depending on the type or variety, it can be completely green, with dark burgundy spots of different shapes, or two-color – colored in purple shades at the bottom and juicy green tones at the top. As the banana grows older, the old leaves die and fall to the ground, and the young ones develop inside a false trunk. The rate of renewal of a single sheet of banana under favorable conditions takes 7 days.

How does a Banana SVG bloom?

The active growth of bananas lasts from 8 to 10 months, after which the flowering phase occurs. At this time, a long florist germinates from the underground tuber-shaped stem up through the entire trunk. Having broken out, it forms a complex inflorescence that resembles a kind of large-sized bud, painted in purple or green shades. At the base of the bud there are banana flowers. At the very top are the large flowers of women, forming the fruit, below grow medium obobolevye flowers banana, and even lower small men’s flowers, having the smallest sizes.