Free Balloon SVG Files

A Balloon SVG is an aircraft that uses lighter-than-air gas to fly. Consists of a gas-filled casing and a basket or trailed cabin attached to it. Unlike airships, balloons do not have engines for independent horizontal movement in the air. Depending on the filling, there are Mongolian golfers (balls filled with heated air), charlers (filled with light gas – usually hydrogen or helium) and rosers (airplanes using both gas and air placed in separate casings).

The first Balloons SVG were made by the Mongolfier brothers in 1783. The balloon they created was filled with hot air, thanks to which it rose upwards. In addition, the following gases are used in aeronautical practice: hydrogen, water gas, luminous gas, ammonia and hot air.

Modern balloons used for demonstration and sports flights, as well as the Mongolfier brothers’ balloons, are mainly filled with heated air. The propane burner heats the air, and since thinner hot air is easier than cold air, the ball takes off. If the height is too high, the pilot pulls on the special cord connected to the valve in the balloon shell – part of the hot air comes out and the balloon lowers (decreases).

Balloon SVG Shortcomings

The main drawbacks of the balloon are:

Absence of control elements – the balloon cannot be controlled, as it flies in the direction where it will be directed by the air currents;

impossibility to transport large-size and heavy loads (this applies primarily to Mongolians).

Balloon SVG in culture and art

In Jules Verne’s novel “The Mysterious Island” the main characters fly from the U.S. to the island of Lincoln in a hot air balloon.

In “The Wizard of the Emerald City” Alexander Volkov Goodwin flies from Kansas to the Magic Land by balloon.

In Nikolai Nosov’s “Adventures of Not Knowing and His Friends” the main characters fly from the Flower City to the Green City by balloon.

In 1873, the Hungarian painter Pal Siniei-Mersche painted the painting “Balloon”.