Free Badgers SVG Files

Considering funny photos of Badgers SVG in Runet or glossy magazines, it seems that the badger is an ordinary cute pet, almost a cat. However, those who met him in the wild or went hunting badger, know – what is this self-sufficient and intelligent animal, able to organize their lives so as to survive in difficult conditions.

Badgers SVG living in Russian forests feel safe. In warm weather wolves don’t have time for badgers, they are already fed up, and sometimes they can’t get a badger to the predatory animals in winter. Besides, the badger is not so harmless. It is not small (along with the tail – longer than a meter), although quite light. Fluffy fur hides how much the badger weighs, and the animal seems bigger than you might expect. Its weight in the summer months rarely exceeds 15 kg, but by September it can recover another 10 kg. Badger home can feed up to 40 kilograms by winter.

How does a Badger SVG look like

Due to the thick and long wool badger seems even more than it is actually. Fortunately for its owner, the badger’s fur is not soft enough, so there is no demand in the fur industry. But the view of this animal is interesting and important: the silver-grey coloring of the back and sides turns into almost black on the abdomen, this is the badger in the photo.

Physiognomy of the beast is decorated with spectacular dark-colored stripes of eyes and ears, and from the tip of the nose on the forehead is a white stripe, the same white stripes on the cheeks of the beast. So the badger photo won’t spoil it if there’s a photo shoot. The badger body shape seems to be specially designed for digging burrows: wide ass smoothly passes into narrow shoulders and elegant long-nosed face.

European badger limbs have short, but strong, and claws wide and long. With external clumsiness badger is an excellent runner. Although, frankly speaking, he is lazy enough and prefers to walk around, creating quite a lot of noise.

Badger SVG habits

Badger is a neat guy and a great host, the badger’s hole is always clean. The animals live in pairs, but the badger family does not want to have a separate living space.

Get to know each other!

In full time, these animals are more comfortable to live in hostels, which are entire underground labyrinths of several tiers and sometimes up to a mile or more. The area where the badger lives can increase from year to year, from decade to decade. It is a very complex structure with multiple entrances and exits, sleeping and storing areas, and airing facilities.

The “living quarters” often lie very deep underground (5-7 metres deeper than the aquifer). Most often, each family has its own entrance to the hole, or maybe several. It happens that several families can use one main entrance, but there will certainly be emergency exits.

Badger SVG – an animal clean, domestic, in place of the paws does not sit, the house loves and cares about him: then the bedding will take out to dry, then the hole will repair, correct, improve.

For a badger habitat is not limited to holes.

Around the hole is also its own order and cleanliness: neatly dug toilet channels near the house, and everything that has served its term, is far away from the place where the owner sleeps and eats the house.

Such an order can only maintain Badger SVG, but like to live in this order and other animals, such as foxes or raccoon dogs. That’s why they ask to visit their diligent owner. Nothing, the badger is a hospitable, though strict host. He will be allowed to live, but only on condition that the guests will observe the order of hygiene established by him.

And if they get bored, they will be put out by a badger. And not all the animals in a row prudent owner is ready to accept: wild cats, ferrets and martens entrance to the badger hole is closed. So don’t believe the stories that a fox can occupy a badger hole against his will.

By putting so much work into its arrangement, it will tear anyone who tries to kick it out.

Despite the fact that badgers live in colonies, everyone occupies their own food area on the ground. Neighbors respect borders and do not enter other people’s territory. In the summer months, if there is enough food, the area is limited to a few hectares. The favorite area of such an animal as badger is a place near water bodies.

How the badger feeds

Badger food isn’t whimsical. He also likes to eat frogs, snails, snails and to gut a mouse hole next time. So than to feed the badger, if you let him in your home, more or less understandable. However, the badger home requires to his person a lot of attention and the impression of a photo badger in magazines far from may not correspond to the real reality.

In the wild, even in the hungry time badger than eats clearly. Badgers described in Wikipedia, on a hungry day do not bend larvae, beetles and worms for lunch, and for dessert – berries and spines with mushrooms. In a hole of the badger necessarily arranges a storeroom where stocks on a hungry spring where will not hurry up to wake up after winter hibernation, not to wander on a hungry wood, and quietly to eat and restore forces.

Family idyll

Badgers are animals that form strong and friendly families, where everyone performs their duties. A badger mother takes care of her offspring. In spring, three to six cubs are born. They are still very helpless and need breast milk. The badger feeds them until they turn three months old. Then, once they are older and stronger, they can eat the food they prefer to eat.

Badgers are very responsible for teaching their cubs to survive on their own. On the small grounds near the holes, the little ones learn to hunt. For this purpose, adult badgers catch mice, lizards and frogs and bring them to their calves.

It can be noted that this form of education is common to almost all predators.

Closer to the end of summer, badgers can make their own food raids. But parents still control them. And in autumn, kids learn to equip wintering chambers.

They will spend the winter in the hole with their mother, and in the spring they will go into independent life. Some badgers, born before another litter, live separately since autumn.

Having looked at a separate part of the forest, they dig holes there and settle in.

And sometimes they find a place among other badgers’ houses, having made a house with separate exits. The most important thing in this case is that there is a free area to search for food.

In sight – Badger SVG. Interesting facts.

European badger by its nature is a creature of habit. Many badger holes are passed down through generations like ancient castles. That’s why they are often compared to the “top class” of Britain.

Hunting and feeding

In general, badgers are quite talented hunters. In one go, they are able to catch more than 70 of their victims. Their diet is rather moderate, they eat badgers little by little. Only in the autumn do badgers stock up on fat so that they have a source of food during their winter sleep. This is the only member of the Kunya family who hibernates in the winter. For a badger, hibernation is the first thing in the snowy cold. Badger acquires slender forms in spring and actively starts a new season.

As a rule, badgers are not aggressive towards people. Badger in the photo is always calm. For them, it is preferable to avoid contact, hiding in a hole. But do not intentionally piss off the badger, as he may stand up for himself.

Badger communications

Under the tail of the badger there are special glands that emit a rather smelly substance called musk. Thanks to it, the badger marks its territory. It also helps to determine the clan affiliation.

In case of long absence of the smell in the hole can disappear. In this case, the animal risks losing his family.

Badgers have their own lexicon, which consists of sixteen different sounds. Mating in this species can happen at any time of year.