Free Badger SVG Files

Badger SVG is a predatory animal from the cunya family.

Description of the Badger SVG

The body of the badger is long and narrows to the head, a length of 60-90 centimeters. The weight of the badger can reach 24 kilograms. The legs of these animals are massive, but short: predators stand firmly on them, resting on their feet. Claws are long and dull, adapted to digging. Badger wool is not monotonous. The body has a black-gray color with a shade of silver, and the head is white with two black, vertical stripes.

Types of Badger SVG

Among these predators are several species: Japanese badger, Asian badger, common badger (European), American badger.

Where does the Badger SVG live?

Badger’s dwelling is a hole with its own system of moves, animals live in it as families. Sometimes there are huge holes similar to underground towns where fifteen families live. Badgers can also share their homes with foxes or rabbits. The number of family members directly depends on the amount of food on their territory. Badgers can smell each other in the family. They do not accept strangers, and the family leader drives away uninvited guests. Badgers are very clean animals, they clean their burrows and even build toilets separately from their homes.