Free Back To School SVG Files

Usually it is a comedy trail (Back to School SVG) – a person returns to school to get an education again. Perhaps so requires his work, maybe the hero has not graduated from school in the past and now wants to catch up, or the hero just likes to learn. There is a high probability that others will mock him: he is so stupid and incompetent, you see, that he has to take such a step. But what a rift for a comedy, given that an adult does not get into his age group!

With higher education institutions is much easier. In fact, in reality, many people return to universities to get a second or third degree. The reasons are usually the same – career or love of knowledge.

Back to School SVG in Cinema

Big change: the young teacher is in a comical position, because it is about evening school, and many students are older than him.

Macho and the Nerd: in order to identify and catch the drug dealers in the school, the police introduce undercover agents into the classrooms: the youngest looking cops. That’s how the protagonists get back on the bench, but it quickly turns out that the morals and concepts of teenagers have changed dramatically over the years that have passed since their own graduation.

Absolutely not children’s cinema – “they say that a journalist appeared at school who pretends to be a high school girl! The journalist is about 60 years old, which, however, does not arouse suspicion in anybody.

Back to School SVG in Cartoons

Hey, Arnold!: In one episode, Arnold’s eighty year old grandfather returns to school again because he couldn’t finish it because of the Great Depression. At first, he grasps the material perfectly, then suddenly decides to become a hooligan, then settles down and still finishes school.

My Little Pony: without sending Celeste’s report once, Twilight was afraid that she would be sent back to junior high school.

Metalocalypse: Nathan Explosionist comes to school to take the final exam in one of the series. He was nervous about it and predictably failed.

Wonders on the Virajahs – Ball in one of the episodes is forced to return to school again, because of the fact that he did not finish his studies, he was not invited to the prom. Once in the same class as his student, Kip, he was still able to finish it.

Griffins: In the sixth series of the seventh season Peter wants to get a promotion at work, but it turns out that in his time he did not finish the third grade, and therefore has to return to school. Thanks to his victory in the spelling competition, Peter manages to finish the third grade, but he still does not get a promotion, because shortly before that he accidentally set a fire in the children’s hospital.