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The first award for parents for taking care of a child is a child’s smile. Only a child begins to smile not from the very first days of life. Do not wait for the first time the child will smile too early. It takes a few weeks of development for your baby’s brain before the cherished real first smile appears. So how does it all happen?

Sometimes a child’s first smile comes at the age of one week, or even on the day he or she is born. But these sleepy smiles, which appear during a very deep sleep, are not considered to be a manifestation of conscious emotions. No one knows how this happens, but the smiles are definitely spontaneous. A child smiles when his grandmother’s fairy tales are not scientifically confirmed. The first real smile appears at the age of 6-8 weeks. It requires a lot of effort from the baby.

First, the child recognizes the face, the voice, then connects them together and reproduces a smile. So a real smile is when a child looks at his or her mother/daughter with his or her eyes wide open and smirks.

The first smile of a child is the beginning of a real dialogue: “You smile, I smile, then you smile, and I smile back. Scientists believe that this dialogue is the basis of all social relations. A smile lays a kind of foundation for reciprocity. So mom/daughter should smile at the baby with all their strength and as often as possible. This strengthens the child’s basic social skills and teaches that the world around him is a safe and secure place. When smiling, the child waits for a response. A mother’s smile lets her know that she sees her and recognizes her emotional state.

Human beings are prone to imitation. When a baby sees a smile, his brain not only reflects it back. In addition, positive emotions are also transmitted, which are behind the smile. The child’s first smile has a profound effect on the mother. Research proves that the kind of smile of your own child has a positive effect on the mother’s brain – a hormone of happiness is produced. This confirms that inspired by the smile of the mother continues to have a dialogue with the baby, despite the deadly fatigue and chronic sleep deprivation. In order for a child to smile, you don’t need bright and expensive educational toys. It is enough to bring your face closer to him (at a distance of 20-30 cm) and talk to him or sing to him.