Free Autism SVG Files

Parents who have to hear that their child has autism, perceive this condition as a death sentence. What is this mysterious disease, what are the reasons for its development and can it be recognized at an early stage?

What is Autism (SVG)?

Autism is a disorder of mental and psychological development in which there is a marked lack of emotional expression and communication. In translation, the word “autism” means a person who has left himself or herself, or a person within him or herself. A person suffering from such a disease never shows his or her emotions, gestures and speech appeal to others, and his or her actions often lack social meaning.

Many parents are concerned about the question of how to understand that a child has autism and at what age is the first time this disease manifests itself? This is most often diagnosed in children between the ages of 3 and 5 and is called EDR (early childhood autism) or Kanner’s syndrome. Clinical manifestations of the disease, as well as the principles of treatment, depend on the form of autism and are most often manifested in disorders of facial expressions, gestures, loudness and intelligibility of speech.