Free Artist SVG Files

Artist SVG is a versatile term.

  • Artist SVG in the Middle Ages – a man engaged in one of the seven free arts.
  • Artist SVG in the broad sense – an artist, a person engaged in creativity in any field of art, an artist (painter, sculptor, etc.), musician (singer), actor.
  • Artist SVG in the widest sense of the word – master, artist.
  • An actor in the narrow sense is an actor.
  • Artist in the figurative sense – pretender.
  • Artist, Jacob (born 1992) – American actor.
  • Artist – Russian theater, music and art magazine (1889-1895).
  • Artist – TV show of talents of the TV channel “Russia 1”.
  • Artist – 2011 film directed by Michel Hazanavichus.
  • Artist – 2007 film directed by Stanislav Govorukhin.
  • Ballet dancer – dancer performing dances and scenes created by the ballet master in a ballet performance.
  • Artist of the circus
  • One hit artist is a language cliche.
  • Artist – illustrated theatrical, musical and art magazine (XIX century)