Free Arrow SVG Files

A long-range weapon whose symbolism is determined by its relation to flight, speed, penetration of the target and the unexpectedness of its defeat. The plumage of arrows, which gives them stability in flight, could initially have a magical (on) value, informing the arrow of the qualities of the bird (speed, ease).

Like a spear and a sword, it is a solar symbol, meaning the rays of the sun. Thus, the Arrow SVG piercing the snake, symbolizes the Sun penetrating its rays through the dark clouds of wet elements.

Equally important is the phallic symbolism of the arrow, which can be traced not only in the Indian tradition (for which it is extremely important), but also in Christian art (Bernini, “The Ecstasy of St. Teresa”, 1645-1652).

Arrows are used to “sweetly wound” the deity of love (Greek Eros, Latin Amour, Indus Kama).

The Arrow SVG is “the most widespread symbol of the heavenly Father and fathers of mankind”.

The heart pierced by an arrow is a common symbol of love.

On the other hand, the arrow is a carrier of disease, especially plague.

The parable of a single arrow, which can be easily broken, while the arrow beam remains intact, symbolizes not only in the West, but also in China, the power given by unity.

As a symbol of unexpected impact, the arrow is associated in the military emblem with the missile forces (also has a structural similarity), bomber aircraft, landing and subversive units.

Currently, the arrow is used primarily as a direction indicator.

The symbolism of the Arrow SVG lies at the heart of the symbolism of the obelisk.

Basic values:

  • Solar symbol, rays;
  • Takeoff, ascent to heaven – flight of an Arrow SVG
  • Masculine principle, phallic beginning, masculinity;
  • Lightning, rain, fertilizing element of nature, fertility;
  • Power, war, hunting;
  • Actions the consequences of which cannot be changed – released from onions;
  • Revenge, inevitability, purposefulness;
  • Spiritual weapons;
  • Death (sudden, by lightning, etc.), pestilence, transient diseases, plague;
  • Penetration – light, death, love (both human and divine);
  • Energy, overcoming space;
  • Martyrdom is Christianity;
  • The world is broken or bundled;
  • Impulse, speed, threat.