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Arkansas SVG is a state in the south of the United States that belongs to the Southwest Center group of states. The nickname “Natural State” was originally invented by the authorities that preserve the natural heritage of the state, as an advertising slogan for tourism in the late 1970s, but is actively used to this day. And for a reason – the nature and landscape of the state amazes with its variety: clean rivers, picturesque green valleys, mountains and hills, dense forests. For those who want to take a break from the noise and bustle of megalopolises, breathe fresh air, enjoy fishing, hunting, traveling on the river, Arkansas SVG is just what you need.

The capital of Arkansas is the most populous city of Little Rock, it is located in the central part of the state.

By the way, once Arkansas belonged to France, and the Americans bought the state territory from Napoleon Bonaparte for only 23 million dollars. Now in this state you can meet Americans of French, English, Irish origin, Chinese, Syrians, Mexicans, and, of course, Indians.

Weather in Arkansas SVG

The state climate is subtropical, moderately humid. Winter is mild and snowy, summer is hot. Average temperature in January is +2…+15 °С, in July – +27 °С. Summer heat can reach +40 °C. However, do not forget that Arkansas is known for its extreme weather. Thunderstorms, tornadoes, hail, snow and ice storms are quite common in this state. In Arkansas, it rains with thunderstorms for about 60 days a year. This is due to the two-way influence of the Persian Gulf and the Great Plains on the climate. Arkansas is located on the so-called Tornado Alley, and this natural phenomenon here is quite common. So, before you go on holiday to the land of the “Gone With the Wind”, check out the weather reports.

Arkansas SVG attractions

Thanks to the successful economic policy, Arkansas has become known as the “Land of Opportunity”. Tourists from all over the world claim that this is the edge of opportunities not only for business but also for travel. Where else in one trip you can raft along the river, climb the mountain, go through the forest and find yourself in the magical beauty of the valley. And all this wealth is “equipped” by the nature itself with stunning views and picturesque places for camping and family recreation.

Arkansas SVG is a land of mountains and valleys, dense forests and fertile plains. “The Natural State is home to many famous caves, such as Blanchard Springs. In total, there are more than 43 thousand caves here – so that fans of “climbing” will have something to do. Many of these caves were used by Indians for hunting, living or making tools.

Now Arkansas is the only state in the United States where diamonds are mined (near Merfreezborough). They are collected by residents with simple tools for a small daily fee and tourists for souvenirs.

Dozens of natural reserves with a total area of 150 thousand acres of land have been opened in Arkansas SVG. These areas are designed for outdoor activities and are open for fishing, hunting and tourism. Any means of transport is prohibited in the reserves and therefore there is silence and peace. Being on this territory you can feel like a real pioneer, because it seems that you are the first of the people who stepped on this land.

Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs Park is located in the central part of the state. It is the oldest and smallest national park in the United States. For more than 200 years, the water springs of the park, which have unique therapeutic properties due to the mineral salts in the composition, help those suffering from rheumatism, arthritis and other diseases. The 47 springs flow out of the western slope of Mount Hot Springs Mountain and carry one million litres of water at a temperature of +61 °C. Today, baths in springs, steam rooms, showers, cold and hot compresses and massages are popular.

Bathrooms and mineralogical clinics erected in Hot Springs impress with their unique architectural features.

Add to the healing waters mountain ranges covered with oak forests in the north and pine forests in the south, a variety of fauna (walking in the park, you can meet a fox, possum, raccoon or squirrel), uninterrupted bird singing and, of course, comfortable hotels and service of the highest level and you will get a “pill” of fatigue, depression and lack of impressions.

Every year, Hot Springs Park is flooded by up to a million tourists who come not only to plunge into the local baths, but also into the wonderful natural world of the park. One of the favorite places for travelers is Lake Auchita. Besides the purest water, the lake is rich in pike, perch, trout and other fish. Fishermen, once here, even forget about the healing springs, and the reward is a rich catch. In addition to fishing on the lake you can easily ride jet skis or ride catamarans.

Little Rock

The capital of Arkansas SVG is located in the south and is famous not only for the fact that it was filmed by the loved ones “Gone with the Wind”, but also for the fact that now it is one of the largest bases of the U.S. Air Force.

Among the attractions of the city are the Arkansas Capitol built in 1915, which is a reduced copy of Washington, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Museum of Science and Natural History, the Douglas MacArthur House Museum, the open-air museum with an exhibition on the development of the territory of Arkansas and the old capitol. Little Rock has a symphony orchestra and a repertoire theatre. And in 2004, Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library, a native of Arkansas, was opened in the city.

The Arkansas State Capitol, a beautiful building built in 1915, which houses the state headquarters. On the territory of the Capitol there are different monuments and sculptures. There is also a second older building of the Capitol (1836), which is now presented as a museum.

On one of the floors of the Capitol there is a special exhibition “Call of Duty” dedicated to the veterans of Arkansas, who participated in the wars from 1812 to the present day.

If you are traveling with children, be sure to visit the only zoo in the state, where about 700 animals live, with the pleasure of waiting for their youngest guests. Dainties are welcome!

All this – fishing and swimming in the Mississippi River, walks in nature reserves, communication with nature, silence, fresh air, caves, ancient buildings and state museums – will decorate not only your vacation, but also winter evenings – the memories of the “Land of Great Opportunities”.