Free Arizona SVG Files

White saline foothills, rocky mountains, the Grand Canyon, reddish red and red deserts – this is Arizona SVG. The edge of the great canyons stretches in the southwest of the United States. Although most of the state is occupied by mountains and deserts, among the sandy expanses and bizarre rocks, like amazing oases, there are stunningly beautiful green valleys.

Wild untouched nature, the inviolability of which is protected by many national parks, a meteoric crater like which no one can find anywhere else in the world, mountain rivers and lakes – something that attracts tourists from all over the world. And also real Indian tribes, occupying more than a third of the state territory, a variety of shops, markets and galleries and restaurants with real American cuisine. And all of this is Arizona SVG, the state of the Grand Canyon.

Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, is located in the hot and arid desert of Sonora. However, this city is ready to surprise you with a variety of flora and fauna, formed here not only due to the two seasons of rains a year, but also due to the special attention of the authorities to the development and “greening” of the city. By the way, 2 more major cities of Tucson and Yuma are also located in Sonora. Please note that all tourist routes start in Tucson. It is considered to be the favorite place for travelers and adventurers.

The weather in Arizona SVG

Arizona has a temperate climate with very hot summers and mild winters. The temperature is usually +16°C from autumn to spring, but can rise to +52°C in the summer months. Travellers who decide to visit Arizona in the summer should take into account the fact that there is a very high temperature fluctuation – if the daytime temperatures are usually warm, there may often be frost at night – and you should bring warm clothes and shoes. Don’t forget that July-August is the start of the monsoon season with wind, thunderstorms, heavy downpours and floods, so it’s best not to travel to Arizona at this time. Come here from March to June!

Entertainment and attractions in Arizona SVG

Arizona attracts tourists primarily with the opportunity to see the famous Grand Canyon. By far the largest river canyon in the world is the main attraction of this state. But there’s plenty more to see here than that.

The state of Arizona is famous for its protected areas, such as the Pintead Desert National Park, the archaeological site of Pueblo culture, the National Monument of Tonto, the National Park “Saguaro”. Only in Arizona you can see a meteor crater 1250 m in diameter and visit the museum dedicated to American astronautics and meteorites.

And also rest in Arizona is helicopter excursion over the canyon, rafting down the Colorado River, visiting the archeological museum Tusayan, walks in the reserves of Petrifid Forest and Rainbow Forest, fishing on the picturesque artificial lake Powell (Mead) and much more.

By the way, in the city of Tucson there is the world-famous Reid Zoo, which is rightly considered one of the best on the planet.

Great Canyon

One of the seven natural wonders of the world was created by the Colorado River more than a million years ago. This colourful gorge, carved by a stormy river in the thickness of limestone, shale and sandstone, stretches for 446 km in length and up to 29 km in width, and the depth of the gorge is 1800 m. The view of the huge gorge is made even more unearthly due to the accumulation of many rocks and cliffs of the most bizarre forms.

The bizarre beauty of the canyon will not leave you indifferent – thanks to different types of sandstone gorge shimmers with different colors, water and wind painted on the steep walls of the canyon whole pictures – you can see here the towers, pyramids, pagodas.

There are a lot of observation points, buses go every 10-15 minutes. Tourists like to go down to the canyon on mules, to float on inflatable rafts down the Colorado and fly over the canyon in helicopters. Well, especially enduring extreme lovers go down on their own, on their own, and enjoy not only the scenery, but also physical activity, adrenaline and the opportunity to tell friends about the conquest of the “Great Gorge”.

Despite the great variety of routes and excursions, the most favorite with travelers is the Heavenly Trail – a viewing bridge with a glass floor in the form of a horseshoe, suspended at a height of 1219 m. The trail seems to be hovering over the abyss, and everyone standing on it experiences incomparable sensations – the beauty and grandeur of the canyon is breathtaking!

The Barringer Meteor Crater meteor crater

A huge fire heat of iron and nickel weighing 300 thousand tons crashed into the Earth 50 thousand years ago, moving at a speed of 19 km per second, and left behind a gaping funnel in the Arizona desert, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The Devil’s Canyon, as the crater is called, is located 30km west of the city of Winslow (follow the federal highway 40). It is a giant earth bowl 1200 m long and 180 m deep. Also worth mentioning is the nearby museum, where you can learn about the history of American cosmonautics.

Don’t forget to bring your friends a piece of meteorite as a souvenir, which is sold here at every step – it costs “space object” for a dollar per gram of weight.

Cities of Arizona SVG

In the state capital of Phoenix, you should definitely visit the Arizona Museum, founded in 1929, the Aird Museum of Art and the Main Mormon Temple of Arizona. There is also a large Science Center, which includes more than 300 exhibitions on a variety of topics. And one of the favorite places of rest for tourists is the park “Papago”, which also has an excellent zoo and a huge number of recreation areas.

Tucson, whose most visited cultural site is the University of Arizona’s Museum of Art, is also well worth seeing. In the vicinity of Tucson is the San Javier Reservation, which has preserved many colonial monuments. Here for a long time lived Spanish conquerors, not indifferent to the luxurious apartments, and their palaces and villas have become a worthy decoration of the picturesque nature of Arizona. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the delightful botanical gardens of Tucson, the beauty of which destroys all stereotypes and ideas about the meager nature of the desert. The small town of Flagstaff also deserves attention – it is known for three things: the famous observatory, filming and surprisingly rich in terms of natural beauty surroundings.