Free Antlers With Flowers SVG Files

Antler SVG are symmetrical bone formations on the outer surface of the skull of the reindeer family.

Most species of this family have only male horns; only reindeer have female horns, but they are smaller in size. Their main functions of Antler SVG are to increase the probability for a particular male as a result of winning a fight with an opponent to mate with a female, as well as to attract females as such and the use of horns as a means of attack or protection against any likely opponents. Reindeer also use their antlers to remove snow from the reindeer to prevent them from reaching the reindeer.

In many species of reindeer temperate horns are dumped and re-growth each year; the next horns are formed initially from cartilage and then grow into bone tissue. The growth of horns depends directly on the metabolism of the deer: the better it eats, the faster the horns grow and, consequently, fall off, reaching too big a size. Scientists can use the frequency with which the horns are dropped to determine whether it is possible to collect food for reindeer in a particular area. In tropical climates, however, reindeer may not lose their horns for several years, and in the equatorial belt they do not lose them at all. In moose horns act as an additional hearing organ.

Antler SVG Use

Deer horns from prehistoric times are used by man to make tools, weapons, jewelry and toys. Horns of noble deer were often used by primitive people for making hoes, and in Asian countries for thousands of years they were used for making medicines. Deer horns are also considered to be a valuable hunting trophy, and in the 20th century, entire horn classifications based on their trophy value were developed by hunting clubs.