Free Antler SVG Files

Antler SVG – the unique natural product compared on useful properties by experts of east medicine to ginseng. In China and Japan horns are an expensive and valuable gift. Preparations containing deer antlers prolong youth, strengthen immunity and treat many diseases.

The Deer Antlers SVG

Deer antlers are not only a beautiful object of interior decoration, but also a real miracle cure.

Antlers of deer in their period of active growth, soaked in fresh blood and have not yet keratinized tubular structure. 

The top of deer horns is covered with thin velvety skin and short wool.  Horns stop branching when the animal reaches maturity. In the course of a life the number of branches does not change anymore.

Structure of Antler SVG

Deer antlers consist of three layers:

The outer layer is leather with wool,

The fibrous tissue underneath the skin contains a collection of blood vessels in the fibrous tissue,

a central part filled with brain matter. The brain matter is rich in stem cells.

During ossification, the fibrous layer gradually dies out and the skin dries out and falls off. A wrinkled bone is formed on top of the horns, more like a stump. During the whole life part of the keratinized bone remains alive and ossified horns grow out of it.

Antler SVG growth process

Young deer horns repeat the cycle of their growth every year. The most active growth process takes place during the rut period – the spring months. From April to May, reindeer experience a peak in hormonal activity, which ends with the arrival of summer.

The main feature of reindeer antlers is intensive tissue regeneration, which is no longer found in any animal on the ground.

Deer horns grow by 1.5-2.5 cm daily. When autumn comes, the males of the deer drop heavy ossified horns, and already in spring the growth process resumes with new strength.  The horns of some reindeer species can reach 25 kg or more!