Free Antelope SVG Files

Antelope SVG is a common name for mammals from the Ungulates family.

Although different Antelope SVG species belong to different genera and subfamilies, all of them have some distinctive features in common. Some animals have graceful physique, others are heavier and more massive, but all have long, slender legs.

The average height of most species of antelope is about 100 cm with a body weight of about 150 kg. The largest antelope, canna is common (lat. Taurotragus oryx), is 1.6 m tall, has a body length of about 3 m, and the weight of individual specimens reaches 1 ton. The height of the dwarf antelope (lat. Neotragus pygmaeus) is only 25-30 cm, and the weight of the dwarf antelope varies between 1.5 and 3.6 kg.

The body of the antelope is covered with short, hard wool, which is dominated by bright, vivid colors from red-brown to chestnut and blue-black. Some species of ungulates are sandy and grey, while some have a juicy main body color contrasting with a pure white abdomen.

Male antelopes wear a short mane that runs along the spine and a thick beard. The tails of antelopes end in a bunch of hair – a tassel. Many species of Antelope SVG, like deer, have preorbital tear glands, the secret of which males mark their territory.

The elongated heads of all antelopes adorn the horns, which grow throughout life, are distinguished by a variety of shapes and sizes, but never branch, as, for example, in deer. Horns are represented by 1 pair, except for the four-horned Antelope SVG (it has 2 pairs of horns). Some species have only males wearing horns, while others have both sexes’ heads decorated with horns. The length of antelope antelope antelope horns varies from 2 cm to 1.5 meters, and their shape can be varied: some types of antelope horns are bent back in the form of a long sabre, other types of antelope horns are bent back in the form of a cow’s sabre, or are twisted by a screw and collected from numerous rings.

Antelope SVG is a scared animal and is known for its quick reaction to danger. Thanks to their long legs, antelopes run well and are among the ten fastest animals on the planet: the speed of the antelope bent reaches 55-80 km/h, and the American antelope falcon, if necessary, accelerates up to 88.5 km/h and is inferior in running speed only to the cheetah.