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Ants SVG belong to the class of insects, arthropods, a detachment of membrane wings, and the family of ants (Latin Formicidae). Ants are organized as a group of public insects with a clear division into three castes: worker, female and male.

Ant SVG – description, characterization, structure.

In the body structure of the ant there are three components covered with chitin coating: head and a chest and abdomen connected with each other by a thin waist. Eyes consisting of many lenses allow to distinguish the movement, but do not give a clear image. At the top of the head there are 3 more simple eyes. Ants move by means of six thin legs armed with claws, allowing the insect to climb upwards. Segmentary antennae located on the head are touch organs and allow to catch odors, air currents and soil vibration.

The smell plays a major role in the life of ants: ants help distinguish members of their community from other insects, learn about the location of the food, give an alarm or call for help. Ants SVG are protected from enemies by the use of formic acid or poison produced by special glands. Also used for defense are powerful ants chewed by ants that can hurt the enemy.

The size of ants and the peculiarities of the structure of the insect depend on the species, as well as the status of the colony, and varies from 1 mm to 3 cm. Some female species have the largest number of females, while others do not exceed the size of working females. Females have wings that fall off after the mating season. Ants can be painted in a variety of colors, ranging from red, yellow, black and brown to green and bluish.

Types of Ant SVG

Today, about 13,000 species of ants have been studied and described, of which about 300 live in Russia. These insects are difficult to classify. This is due to the fact that there are species of twins and numerous hybrids, which are difficult to distinguish by appearance.