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Angel SVG (other Greek. ἄγγελος, angel – “messenger”), in Abraham religions – a spiritual, ethereal being, communicating the will of God and possessing supernatural capabilities. Traditionally, the angel is depicted as an anthropomorphic creature with wings behind its back.

Angel SVG In Christianity

According to the Christian doctrine, all angels are the essence of service spirits. They were created by God before the creation of the material world, over which they have considerable power. They are much more numerous than all men. The appointment of angels: the glorification of God, the embodiment of His glory, to direct and embody the grace in the glory of God (so they – a great help to the rescuers), their destiny – the praise of God and the execution of His orders, will. Angels, as well as people, have a mind, and their mind is much more perfect than the human one. Angels are eternal. Most often, angels are depicted as bearded young men, in light deaconal (symbol of service) vestments (poem, orator, handrail), with wings behind their backs (symbol of speed) and with a halo over their heads. However, in visions angels appeared to people as six-winged (when Angels are not similar to man in appearance, then their wings – as flowing streams of grace), and in the form of wheels dotted with eyes, and in the form of creatures with four faces on the head, and as swords of fiery rotating, or even in the form of bizarre animals (sphinxes, chimeras, centaurs, pegasuses, griffins, unicorns, etc.).

In the angelic world was established by God a strict hierarchy of 9 angelic ranks: Seraphims, Cherubims, Thrones, Governments, Powers, Authority, Begins, Archangels, Angels. Lucifer, who led all the angelic armies, was the most powerful, talented, beautiful and close to God, so proud of his position among the other angels, wanted to be above God, and that is why he was overthrown. Moreover, he managed to corrupt many angels from different ranks. And at that moment, Michael the Archangel called on those who hesitated to remain faithful to God, led the army of bright angels and struck Lucifer (who became known as the devil, Satan, evil, etc., and other fallen angels – demons, demons, devils, etc.). Fallen spirits are not completely devoid of their former power and, by the permission of God, can inspire people sinful thoughts and desires, to lead them and cause them pain. But people are also helped by good angels, of whom there are more than demons (in the Apocalypse (Revelation 12:4) it is said that the snake (lucifer) carried away a third of the stars (angels)).

However, the name of the spirit is not the same as the name of man. God is the Spirit, and as the Spirit calls a being not by passing, but by Glory. The name of the Angel is the name of his glory. The names of some (seven in the Orthodox tradition) Angels (Archangels) are open to people: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel, Yehudiil, Selafil, Barachiil. The first four angels are considered to be “biblical”, i.e. their names are directly named in Scripture, and the last three are known from the Legend.

In Orthodoxy there is a concept of guardian angels sent by God to every man right after his baptism: “Look, do not despise any of these little ones; for I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:10). For each person are hunting and demons who want to destroy his soul with the help of suggestible fears, temptations and temptations. In the heart of every man between God and the devil there is an “invisible battle”. But almost always God does not personally appear to people, but trusts his angels (or saints) to convey his will. Such an order is established by God so that more personalities are involved (and sanctified) in the Providence of God and so that they do not violate the freedom of people who are unable to withstand the personal appearance of God in all His glory. Therefore, the prophets of the Old Testament, John the Baptist, many saints and reverends in the Church are called angels.

Moreover, for every Christian the Church on earth with its patrons in heaven offers special prayers, and God has a special care for him.

Every Angel SVG (and demon) has different abilities: some “specialize” in virtues of unbelief, others strengthen faith in people, others help in something else. Just like demons – some catch up with prodigal passions, others – anger, others – vanity, etc. In addition to personal guardian angels (assigned to each person), there are Angels – the patrons of cities and entire states. But they never fight, even if these states are at war with each other, but pray to God for the understanding of people and the gift of peace on earth.