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America SVG is a part of the world that unites two continents, North America and South America, as well as nearby islands (including Greenland).

This part of the world is also called the New World. Usually in this part of the world North America (USA, Canada, Mexico and the islands to the east of them), South America, Central America (North American countries to the south of Mexico) and the Caribbean (states and colonies on the islands of the Caribbean, formerly known as the West Indies) are distinguished.

Latin America (mainland Spanish-, Portuguese- and French-speaking countries) is also distinguished culturally, linguistically and historically-politically; English-speaking countries in the region (primarily the United States and Canada, excluding Quebec, and the British West Indies) are also called Anglo-America.

For the classification of 36 states and 17 dependent territories of America, they use the UN systematization according to geographical and linguistic principles.

The word “America” SVG is often used to refer to one of the states of this part of the world – the United States (“American” means produced in the U.S., located in the U.S., etc.), and the expression “to discover America” often means “to inform everyone about known and obvious information”.

America SVG Title

America is probably named after Amerigo Vespucci, a Florentine traveler. He, in turn, was baptized in honor of St. Emmerica.

Another version: America got its name after Richard America, a wealthy merchant from Bristol, who financed the second transatlantic expedition of John Cabot. Cabot reached the shores of Labrador in 1497 (two years earlier than Vespucci) and named the newly discovered lands after the main sponsor of the expedition.

America SVG Geological History

Originally, South (West Gondwana) and North America (West Lavrazia) were different continents that united only 8 million years ago in the Panama area.

America SVG History

America was first inhabited by people from Asia somewhere between 42 and 14 thousand years ago. The wave of Eskimo/Inuit migration was the last of the American Native peoples for several millennia BC (traditionally, they, except for the Eskimos and Aleuts, had the wrong name of the American Indians given to them by Europeans).

The first Europeans, about whose stay in America SVG we know for sure, were Viking sailors headed by Leif Eriksson. However, the discovery of America traditionally dated back to the era of the Great Geographical Discovery – 1492, when the expedition of Christopher Columbus reached the islands of the West Indies. The European colonization of America led to the destruction of a number of pre-Columbian civilizations, the demographic catastrophe of the Amerindians of America, mass emigration from the Old World and the import of African slaves. As a result of discoveries and conquests, various territories in America were divided between European powers – Spain, Portugal, England, France, the Netherlands and Russia.

Today, the vast majority of American countries are sovereign states. The main milestones in decolonization were the 1776-1783 U.S. War of Independence, the 1791-1803 Haitian Revolution, the 1810-1826 Simon Bolivar War of Independence of the Spanish Colonies in America, and the 1895-1898 War of Independence of Cuba.