Free Alaska SVG Files

Alaska SVG is the northernmost and largest state in the United States and has long been recognized as a tourist destination for America. And for a tourist in Alaska SVG it is not only gold, cold and grizzly, but also something of its own, native. The state consists of the mainland and a large number of islands: Alexander’s archipelago, Aleutian Islands, Pribylova Islands, Kadjak Island, St. Lawrence Island. It is washed by the Arctic and Pacific oceans. To this day, Alaska is an endless, untouched natural massif for many people. Glaciers, fjords and bays cut by gorges are scattered on the sea coast. Winter is the mistress of the region. That’s why they come here for adventures, extreme sports, communication with nature and coolness (in summer the weather in Alaska is very pleasant!).

The capital of the “land of the midnight sun”, as they call Alaska, is the city of Juneau. However, it is not the largest and most famous city in the state. A favorite place for tourists from all over the world – the city of Anchorage, which attracts everyone who wants to visit this edge of the earth with its pristine beauty.

Weather in Alaska SVG

Alaska is characterized by a variety of climatic zones depending on the region. On the continental part the climate is sharply subarctic. In summer the temperature here reaches +30 °C, in winter it falls to -52 °C. Summers are quite dry, with a lot of snow falling in winter. However, in Juneau and Anchorage the winter is warmer than in Russia, -6…-7 °C, but the summer is colder, +18…+22 °C. Summer weather in Alaska is usually very pleasant, with temperatures of about +20 °C on the coast and +25 °C on the mainland. The idea to go from the 35-degree city heat to a place where only about +18…+20 ° C seems extremely attractive to many compatriots. The best time to visit Alaska is from May to September. Beautiful weather for adventure in nature!

Alaska SVG attractions

First of all, Alaska attracts a large number of nature reserves and national parks with unique fauna and flora. Waterfalls, streams, rivers and lakes are everywhere! The beauty of this land is breathtaking. An obligatory point of almost all tours and cruises to Alaska is a visit to the national park “Denali”, located on the highest mountain in North America – McKinley. In addition to Denali, included in the international biosphere reserve, travelers are attracted by the amazing landscapes and inhabitants of national parks “Kenai-Fjord”, “Gleischer Bay”, Wrangel – St. Elijah and others.

In addition to natural treasures, Alaska is rich in cultural and historical sights, among which are such tourist attractions as the State Museum of Alaska, the Museum of the North, the monument to Patsy Anne (the dog awarded the title of “Official Receiver”), etc.

Natural attractions

More than one million tourists a year come to Alaska to visit Denali, the kingdom of rivers, mountains and lakes, whose rightful lord, the grizzly bear, is not shy about showing himself in all his beauty, so keep your cameras ready and set up for an unforgettable photo shoot. Many tourists from all over the world come here in the hope of seeing the grizzlies gather on the local Brooks River and catch trout for spawning with their furry paws.

By the way, you don’t have to leave town to see bears. In Alaska SVG, they can be found even in broad daylight, walking the streets in search of something to eat. It is not without reason that local laws clearly state that it is forbidden to throw organic garbage in garbage cans in order not to attract bears. And moose just walk through the streets and peacefully tweak grass and greens. Tourists especially like to be photographed against their background.

Also in Denali you can meet elk, wolves and wild caribou reindeer. Excursions in the park are held on comfortable open buses strictly according to the schedule, and, as usual, drivers inform each other on the radio, where the representatives of the fauna are lit up, in order to provide all photographers with good prey. Of course, in addition to the spectacle, there is also a treat waiting for you – during the stops do not miss the opportunity to eat enough delicious berries of the north blueberries, visiting the blueberry bushes, which are a huge number of them here.

The park is home to the highest peak of America, McKinley (6193 m). The huge and snowy mountain will surprise you with stunning views and a feeling of freedom and lightness. Every year an average of 1300 climbers try to climb the mountain, about 40% successfully.

If you dream of touching the harsh, cold nature of Alaska, you’ll enjoy a trip to the glaciers in the Kenaya Fjords. Only here is the northern exotic, which is impossible to see elsewhere – a real blue ice, decorating the cold waters of the local bay. Be sure to record on camera the giant hoops on your back, which are found here in many places, and, bypassing the Kenai Peninsula, get to a small cozy fishing town of Homer, where the colony of real hippies settled down. There they have their own community, which is rightly famous for its world-famous art galleries. Without a picture it is indecent to leave here, and they cost a little.

There is no need to go on a trip to see all whales, from beluga and orcas to humpback whales, most of which can be observed from the shore – and very close!

Monuments of history and culture

While traveling to Alaska SVG, be sure to visit the state capital of Juneau, Anchorage and the town of Ketchikan.

One of the most picturesque cities in North America and the capital of Alaska, Juno, was founded during the gold rush, and today tourists are invited to visit many gold mines and learn about the history and technology of gold mining in Alaska, do not miss the opportunity to feel like a prospector in Klondike.

In Anchorage, surrounded by national parks, it is interesting to see not only the northern lights but also the Alaska Native Heritage Centre, the Museum of History and Art, the Aviation Museum and the Hydro-airport. Anchorage is called the “city of light in the winter and city of flowers in the summer”, so if you travel in the summer, instead of the northern lights, you will be pleased with the variety of colors and scents of the blooming streets of Anchorage.

Many local hotels offer northern lights wake up call when you wake up in the event of a northern luminosity.

Ketchikan is an ancient Indian village with national cultural and historical parks that allow you to experience the past and present Indian culture of the region. It contains wonderful collections of American Native art, including amazing totem poles, and reconstructs the living conditions of Indians. Of particular interest is the nature around Ketchikan: mysterious mist fjords, granite rocks, wet rain forests, 300-meter high waterfalls and mountain lakes with crystal water. Ketchikan is also a unique opportunity to get acquainted with the wild nature of the region: to see black bears (baribals), white-headed eagles, sea lions and seals.

Extreme recreation

Rest in Alaska SVG is also interesting for thrill seekers. After all, there are all conditions for such entertainment as winter fishing, kayaking, rafting, etc.

You can ride a dogsled on a glacier (so called real glaciers), go scuba diving in a dry suit or ice climbing, rock climbing, rafting on aerated streams, mountain biking and even fly on hydroplanes through some of the most amazing fjords on the globe. Whatever you choose, you’ll certainly love what Alaska has to offer.