Free Airport SVG Files

Airport SVG (from Greek αέρος – air and δρόμος – road, street) – land or water area with air space, facilities and equipment that provide takeoff, landing, taxiing, accommodation and maintenance of aircraft, helicopters and planes.

The Airport SVG consists of an airfield and an air traffic control system, including a control room; it is equipped with one or more runways.

Types of Airport SVG

There could be Airports:

By type of property

  • state – used for state (municipal) purposes;
  • private – used by right of ownership.
  • By national interest:
  • Military – used by military (state) aviation;
  • civil – used for civil passenger and cargo air transportation.

By category of use

  • active;
  • not valid.
  • In turn, operating airfields are classified as:
  • Main basing airfields;
  • Spare airfields;
  • Operational airfields.