Free Afro SVG Files

What’s an Afro SVG haircut? First of all, it is a style that has not lost its relevance over the past few years. It is also a wide variety of hair styling – from small playful curls to brutal dreads. And if the last option – a choice of desperate daredevils, the first – a universal and simple way to look at all hundred, which fits almost all types of appearance. In this material, we will tell you how to make hair Afro at home, so that it is in no way inferior to the interior styling, that is, it was lush and easy, but at the same time firmly held all day.

Afro SVG hair is stylish

Almost all women and most men find curls cute and very sexy. Curly hair is associated with romanticism, but at the same time adventurous and unrestrained fun. And, of course, such a hairstyle is a way of thinking about summer and freedom. Hairstyles in the style of afro – this is the choice of freedom-loving women, because of the curly curls you can create an unlimited number of styles, and you can do nothing with them and still look like a hundred.

Afro SVG hairstyling is a style that can be done on short, medium or long hair. The last option looks the most spectacular. That is especially pleasant, it is easy to make hairstyles in afro style by itself, without resorting to the services of experts in hair care. Following the step-by-step instructions, you can get a beautiful image, without spending extra money.

Curly curls in the Afro SVG

The easiest way to create an Afro stack by yourself:

Divide the hair into many small strands and weave each of them into a braid. The longer you keep the strands braided, the more stable the result will be.

Once the braids have been woven, the hair should be treated with medium-strength gel.

The above scheme can be simplified by braiding the hair not in braids, but in flagellates. Just a few hours of passive waiting – your Afro SVG hairstyle is ready. It should be noted that this method is not suitable for girls with small hair lengths.

Curly curls with a curler

In order to create an Afro-style style, it is necessary to prepare foam for laying, strong fixing lacquer and small rollers in advance.

The heavelux should be washed and soaked with a towel.

Then foam is applied to the strand in stages.

Next, you need to separate from the array of hair to one thin buckle and twist it on the rollers. To make sure that the aphrodrums are good at short hair lengths, we recommend choosing the thinnest rollers possible.

Bigeons should be kept on the hair for at least two hours. It will take so much time for the buckles to dry well and form into beautiful curls.

The finished laying should be sprayed with a medium degree of lacquer fixation.

Afro SVG hairstyling with ironing

The third way to wrap your hair in African curls is to use a special hair iron. In addition, you will need a hair dryer and a special thermo spray.

The hair shaft needs to be washed and dried well, and then thermally sprayed. This product will protect it from the negative effects of high temperature.

Separate the thin curls from the total amount of hair and twist them on your finger to form neat rings. In this form it should be clamped with an iron and held for about ten seconds.

When all the strands are laid in this way, the hair should be combed and then fixed.

As you can see, hairstyling with your own hands is not difficult at all!